A Long Few Days

In the last blog entry that I’d written Wednesday I forgot to mention that the same day I’d written said blog entry one of the people from this state that I’d been in touch with from the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) added me to a group text chat for the people who are in the local state organization for students. In the last blog entry that I’d written Wednesday I also forgot to mention that that same day when I’d had my doctor’s appointment I made sure to tell the Medical Assistant (MA) that I’d had my tubes tied several years ago. I actually told him that same information a few times because I wanted to make sure that he notated that particular thing in my file everywhere that said thing could be notated. Because part of how I wanted to establish with my medical team that I’m perfectly capable of making my own decisions as well as that I’m comfortable in my own skin is by being honest with the people on my medical team about the things that have happened throughout my life. And I think I’ve done a great job of that so far. In the last blog entry that I’d written Wednesday I also forgot to mention that that same day my landlord and his wife asked me whether I’d found house slippers that I could wear with my leg braces whenever I go into their kitchen. I told both of them that I’d looked for house slippers but have had no luck finding house slippers that are in my size nor have I had any luck finding house slippers that will fit on my leg braces. Hopefully though my landlord and his wife won’t continue asking me about that particular thing because that would easily become annoying as hell. Shortly after I’d written my last blog entry Wednesday I connected my MacBook Pro to my landlord’s internet. Fortunately it didn’t take me long to accomplish that particular task at all. I then tried to set up Alexa. However I was unable to do so because there’s a light on said device that’s supposed to turn orange which I can’t see. But usually I’m good at waiting for what seems like enough time for the light ring to show on Alexa…but I guess what’s changed is the fact that I don’t have many of my electronics hooked up yet so I get bored waiting for the light ring to show on Alexa. Thursday morning I woke up to an alarm that I’d set the previous night. And I really, really didn’t want to get up. Yet I knew I had to get up because I had to go to the agency that was going to recommend that my VRC purchase all kinds of technology for me. So I got up when my alarm went off Thursday morning and quickly got myself ready to go. Just as I was about to head outside to see if a cab had arrived to pick me up though I received a phone call from the lady from said agency that I’d been in contact with. During hers and my short conversation with one another she asked me if I’d bring my laptop. I of course told her that that would be no problem. She then asked what kind of laptop I had and I told her I had a MacBook Pro that’s only a few months old. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with her I went outside to see if a cab was waiting for me. Fortunately there was a cab waiting for me and the over two-hour cab ride that I had was boring to say the least. Because the cab driver that I’d had didn’t know much English at all and he wasn’t playing any music. So I was actually able to take little cat naps here and there which was nice. And eventually I asked the cab driver I’d had if he’d turn on his radio because I wanted to have more noise than just the sound of his car/traffic going by. And it turned out that the first radio station the cab driver stumbled on was a Christian radio station…so I told him that I didn’t want to listen to that kind of music and he turned his radio to something else. He ended up putting his car radio station on a soft rock station…and even though I’m not really a fan of soft rock music either, that particular choice of music was definitely a much better choice than Christian music! OnCe the cab driver had arrived at my destination he made sure that the staff members at said agency were going to take good care of me before he left. And once I’d told a staff member at that particular agency who I was and that I’d arrived over an hour early, said staff member informed the lady I’d spoken with that I’d arrived. The staff member that was at the front desk then asked me if I’d like to have lunch. And given that I hadn’t eaten anything all morning I said that I’d love to. And a few minutes later the lady I’d spoken with came out to meet me. Then she and I went to lunch with one another. During hers and my walk to the cafeteria though I heard some unpleasant screaming noises. I didn’t say anything that would suggest to the lady that I was a little bit scared. But she still knew that I was scared. I guess I gave off clues through my body language. So once she’d realized that I was scared she said in a calm voice “It’s okay, those kids that are making the noises you’re hearing are being supervised.” And after she’d told me that, I felt better. Anyway once she and I’d gotten to the cafeteria we went straight to the lunch line and got our food. I even ordered a Coke and didn’t feel bad about doing so. Once she and I’d both had our food put in bags so that we could carry the food to the building where her office was located, the two of us blind ladies made our way out of the cafeteria. Since I use a cane in each hand though the lady I was with carried my food for me. And so that we could make sure that we didn’t lose one another I held onto one of her arms while we walked to the building where her office was located. Once we’d arrived at said building she and I had lunch with one another. And honestly my favorite part of that particular meal was the chicken and vegetable soup that counted as a side. The actual meal which was beef mixed with zucchini was disgusting! Oh and I downed the Coke that I’d gotten. It was good and cold, the only way I’ll drink Coke. Once the lady and I’d finished having lunch with one another it was time for her and I to start doing paperwork that the agency required. And interestingly enough she didn’t end up showing me any technology because I was already so prepared with exactly what I wanted technology-wise and why I wanted said technology. There were a few additional things that she told me she was going to recommend that my VRC get for me which was great. Although I’m going to leave my blog readers in suspense for the most part because I’ll end up writing about the technology I receive once I receive said technology. Another thing that the lady doing my AT evaluation did though was to see how well I could use the Mac. She and I talked about the fact that I don’t use the trackpad because it’s difficult for me to perform gestures due to my hand coordination being poor. She totally understood that and in fact she even said that my Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) would be great justifications for why I need my VRC to purchase the majority of the recommended equipment for me. And I agreed with her about that. I had more fun spending time with her than I’d expected to. And surprisingly I even finished doing my AT evaluation with her early. But I still had to wait at least an hour for a cab driver to come pick me up. Once a cab driver picked me up though it took over two hours for me to get back home. Well I actually went to a friend’s apartment because I wanted to pick up my fan and anything else that I’d left at said friend’s place. A little while after I’d arrived at a friend’s apartment I looked at an email that I’d received from AIRA. In that particular email that I’d received from AIRA there was a link that I could click on to track my package. So all throughout the time I’d spent at my friend’s place I kept checking where my AIRA package was. And a while after I’d hung out with my friend some more I ended up crashing. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I’d woken up the next morning though. LOL. Yesterday morning my friend and I hung out with one another for several hours. He and I watched more episodes of A Series Of Unfortunate Events. However a few episodes into season two of that particular show my friend and I decided that the second season of said show sucks. Still I think he and I are going to continue watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events just because we want to know what’s going to happen to the orphan kids who the show is about. So in case there are blog. readers of mine who are unfamiliar with what A Series Of Unfortunate Events is about: said show is about orphan kids who are told that their parents were mysteriously killed in a fire. And so because those kids are all alone, the banker who is in charge of the parent’s estate has to find a legal guardian to take care of the children…but it just so happens to be that every person the man in charge of the parent’s estate finds to be the children’s guardian is either an evil person, a person who is afraid of everything and everyone or a person who has other qualities that are shitty about him or her. And that’s why I want to keep watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events: because I want to find out what happens to the orphans in said show. Shortly after my friend and I’d finished watching what we wanted to watch of A Series Of Unfortunate Events I went through the mail I’d recently received but that I’d yet to go through. It turned out that I’d received something from the post office informing me that my address had successfully been changed. I’d also received something in the mail from the state that concerned one of my insurance companies. Since the paper I’d received from the state was in print though I didn’t bother reading the whole thing, especially not given the fact that I’d requested that the state send any and all communications to me in a format that I can read. A little while later I texted a friend of mine and asked for his help signing me up for an online account with the post office. Because I’d tried to sign up for an online account with the post office the previous day. But unfortunately the post office’s website is not fully accessible to people who are blind…and that’s why I asked a sighted friend for help. Because I wanted to create an online account for myself on the post office’s website as well as sign up for text alerts so that I’d easily be kept in the loop about where my AIRA package was. I’m glad that the sighted friend I’d asked for help creating an online account with the post office and signed me up to receive text alerts, didn’t mind helping me. Because text messages are much easier than email in my opinion because text messages come straight to people’s phones. Email can also come straight to people’s phones and I do have that particular notification set up for myself…but said notification doesn’t always alert me that I’ve received emails. So it’s great when there are other options available to me. A little while after text alerts had been set up for my AIRA package I left my friend’s apartment. On my way home the Uber driver I’d had mentioned the fact that he was going to college to learn how to be a real estate agent. He was so passionate about what he’d learned about that particular employment choice that he told his Uber passengers that if we were in college we should take a real estate class just to learn things that we don’t know. I’m all for people learning all that we can learn but I am not trying to take any classes at college that I don’t absolutely need to take. Now maybe if I was 18-years-old rather than 30-years-old I’d think differently. Maybe if I were an 18-year-old I’d want to take a real estate class to learn about a field of work that I don’t actually want to get into. But I’m not 18-years-old. I’m 30-years-old…and I’m not getting any younger. I was kind of worried about how things would work with regards to me getting my box fan and bag with a blanket inside of the house. Fortunately though the Uber driver who’d taken me home was kind enough to set a shopping bag with my blanket inside of it as well as my box fan right outside the house. And once said Uber driver had left my house I spent time figuring out how I was going to carry my things inside the house and into my room. It took a few minutes for me to figure out how I was going to manage but I was able to get everything into the house and into my room. It was a lot of work for me to move those things and I hope that if there is a next time moving those things I won’t have to struggle so hard to move them. A little while after I’d gotten my things inside of my room I took a shower. There is a bar to grab in the shower but said bar is not in a place where I can reach it when I’m not in the shower. So it was quite a challenge for me to get into the shower. I ended up having to sit on my shower chair and awkwardly pull my legs/body into the shower. I hope that as time goes by I’ll either figure out a system that I can make work for myself to get into and out of the shower without much struggle or maybe I can talk to my landlord about seeing if either of my insurance companies would pay for a simple shower modification to be done. Shortly after I’d gotten out of the shower I ate dinner. As I was eating dinner my landlord came downstairs and commented in a surprised tone of voice “Oh hi. You decided to sit in the dark, huh Chelsea?” I told him that I honestly didn’t even think about whether there were any lights on since as a totally blind person I never use lights. He laughed and said “Well then just be prepared for me to scream when it’s dark and I figure out that you’re sitting at the table eating.” Needless to say that particular exchange was interesting because neither my landlord nor I expected the reaction we’d received from one another. LOL. Once I’d finished eating dinner I came to my room to see if I could set up Alexa. I opened up Be My Eyes on my phone and waited for a Be My Eyes volunteer to come on the other line. However no one answered my call and I didn’t want to wait on the phone any longer. So I disconnected my call with Be My Eyes and set up Alexa on my own. Fortunately I didn’t have many problems setting her up this time around. At first I couldn’t tell whether she was muted so I pressed all of her buttons to find out for sure. It turned out that she was muted for some reason but fortunately that was an easy problem for me to solve. Shortly after I’d set up Alexa I set up my box fan. Although I didn’t keep my box fan running for very long because said box fan is quite loud. And since I wanted to write I needed a fairly quiet environment to write in. This afternoon I received a text message from the post office saying that my package was available for pick-up. So I called Uber right then to take me to pick up my package. And when the Uber driver came to my house to pick me up that’s exactly what I did: I went to the post office to pick up my package/any other mail that was at the post office for me. And once we’d arrived at my destination the Uber driver helped me inside the post office building so that he could help me carry my package/any other mail that I’d received. And he was helpful in doing just that but when I’d arrived back home I didn’t check what he’d charged me for that particular trip right away. What I did do though was open up a package that was either from the state or from one of my insurance companies…that turned out to be a huge phonebook-like book in print. After opening up that particular piece of crap I opened the package that I’d received from AIRA. Once the package from AIRA had been opened I called AIRA from my phone. I spent an hour or so on the phone with an AIRA agent learning about the service and helping the AIRA agent create my profile/other information that would be helpful for AIRA agents to have in the future. One of the questions that the AIRA agent asked me was “how do you like to receive information? Do you prefer left and right directions, clock face-type directions or a combination of clock face-type directions and left and right directions?” I answered that I’d like left and right directions. Another question that I was asked by the AIRA agent I spoke with was “How much detail do you want from AIRA agents when they are speaking with you?” I answered that I’d like to have rich detail but of course that sort of thing is also dependent upon whether I’m in a hurry or whether I’m able to take my time with an AIRA agent. During my first call with an AIRA agent, the lady I spoke with helped me set up the MyFi connection that AIRA provides its users with. That particular process went well. I was then shown how to activate the glasses that AIRA agents can use to see things that the blind person is seeing. The AIRA glasses successfully connected with AIRA’s MyFi and once the glasses were connected to AIRA’s MyFi the AIRA agent I’d been speaking with asked me to try calling AIRA directly from my glasses. And I did just that: I tried calling AIRA directly from my glasses…but for some reason either the call would fail or my glasses would not show video the way the glasses were supposed to. I tried several times to call AIRA even on my phone to see if that would change things but I had no such luck. And then when I finally did get through to calling AIRA from my phone I spoke with a different AIRA agent. I made sure that the second AIRA agent I spoke with had been briefed on the fact that I was in the process of setting up AIRA for the first time. And once she’d told me that she was able to see everything that’s been going on with the setup process for me today she continued to help me trouble-shoot the issue with the glasses. She suggested that I try to connect the AIRA glasses to my actual WiFi network at home so that’s just what I did. However the glasses kept saying that they could not be connected to my home WiFi network. So what ended up happening was that that particular AIRA agent I spoke with created a ticket for the techie people at AIRA so that those people can help me figure out what’s going on with these glasses I have. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with the second AIRA agent I spoke with I checked the Uber receipt that I’d had from this morning that was emailed to me. I’m so glad that Uber emails people their receipts because it’s an easy way for people to not only keep track of what she or he’s being charged by Uber drivers but it’s also handy for people to be able to dispute charges with Uber drivers when necessary. So anyway when I checked the amount of money that the Uber driver I’d had this morning had charged me it turned out that he’d charged me way too much money!! So I made sure to report that to Uber so that I could get a refund…because he charged me $14 to go from my house to the post office, when my home is not far from the post office at all. People suck, man!! All I can say is that it’s a good thing that Uber takes care of their customers because other companies may not give refunds to people so easily. So right now in my room all I have is a bed, my box fan, my numerous electronics, the cubbies and other things that I’d recently purchased from Walmart and my AIRA equipment. I don’t have a desk or chair at the moment. Although my VRC is going to get me a desk as well as a chair for my room. Because of the different health conditions I have though he’s going to make sure that the desk and chair that he gets me will physically support me and help me stay out of pain as much as possible.

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