Moving Forward, The Importance Of Self-Advocacy And Other Stuff

In the last blog entry that I’d written Saturday I forgot to mention that Friday I’d sent an email to the lady who’d done my AT evaluation. In the email that I’d sent her I made sure to tell her about the health conditions that I have so that she could justify why I’m going to need certain AT. In another email that I’d sent her that same day I made sure that she had all of the necessary information for said equipment as well. It was a good thing that I’d saved all of the emails that I’d sent and received at WSB because those emails are really going to come in handy in terms of helping me get the AT I need to be most successful. In the last blog entry that I’d written Saturday I also forgot to mention that that same day when I’d spoken with the second AIRA agent I was able to have said AIRA agent read the mail to me that I’d recently received. The only disappointment was that she read said mail through my phone’s camera since using the AIRA glasses is not an option right now. However I was still glad that I’d had her read my mail because it turned out that I’d received my insurance card for my secondary insurance plan which I definitely need to have. In the last blog entry that I’d written Saturday I also forgot to mention that at the house I rent a room in there’s a water filter attached to the fridge that has cold water in it. That makes me soooooooo happy because I can just reuse my water bottles by filling them with cold water from the water filter at home. At least I won’t have to pay for water!! It really is the little things like this that make me happy. A little while after I’d written my last blog entry Saturday I exchanged several FB messages with the guy who’s working on my website. In the FB messages that he and I’d exchanged with one another I’d asked him whether I could put tags in my blog entries. I explained to him in the FB messages I’d sent him that the reason I was wondering about that particular thing was because if possible I wanted to make it easy for people to search my blog/website for tags that would lead people to a specific thing. Like, I wanted people to be able to search my tags for the phrase “AIRA experiences” and find every blog entry that I talk about my experiences with AIRA. However upon adding a tag to my last blog entry and explaining my idea to the guy who’s helping me with my website I learned that my idea is not easy to incorporate into an actual website. So I ended up telling the guy who’s helping me with my website that I didn’t want him to have to put in tons of work just so that I could have tags on my website/blog. Throughout the time I’d exchanged FB messages with the guy who’s helping me with my website I also exchanged FB messages with a guy who was a student at WSB at the same time that I was a student at WSB. This guy though is really creepy but when I was at WSB I didn’t feel comfortable enough with myself and with saying “no.” So instead I’d just talk to this guy whenever he sought me out while inwardly hoping that he’d eventually leave me the fuck alone. Well I didn’t let him know that I’d changed my phone number so didn’t communicate with him for a year. Until tonight that is…and only because he’d messaged me on FB. He sucks at conversation though so it didn’t take him long to ask me one of the weirdest questions ever which is “What do you think of me?” I decided that I’d give him an honest answer this time. So I replied to the FB message he’d sent me saying “You creep me out to be honest. I just didn’t have the confidence to tell you that last year but now I do.” He then sent me an FB message asking me to tell him how he creeps me out. Shortly after I’d finished exchanging FB messages with the creepy guy and the guy who’s helping me make my website I went into the kitchen to get myself some dinner. And my landlord and his wife were talking about guests of theirs that had just left the house. My landlord was saying that one of the guests had asked him if his tenant was blind. But according to him the way said guest had asked that particular question was like she couldn’t believe that a blind person could actually be a functional adult. My landlord and his wife treat me as an equal so the two of them were surprised at the reaction of one of their guests regarding the fact that their tenant was blind. To me though the way that particular guest of theirs reacted to them having a blind tenant was not surprising because I get that exact reaction from people a lot. Said reaction does annoy me though for sure. Yesterday morning I emailed the president of NFB’s student association as well as the lady from the NFB that I’d sent my NFB membership dues to. In the email that I’d sent those two people I asked whether the lady from the NFB has received my check. A little while after I’d sent that particular email to some NFB people within my state I called Uber to take me to CVS Pharmacy. Upon arriving at CVS Pharmacy the Uber driver that I’d had told me that there was not a drive-thru at that particular CVS Pharmacy. However that particular Uber driver walked me inside CVS Pharmacy’s building. And once I’d gotten to the pharmacy counter I told the Uber driver that he could leave so that he wouldn’t miss out on getting more Uber trips for himself. Then I told the lady at the pharmacy counter that I had all of my updated insurance cards and gave her each insurance card to scan into CVS Pharmacy’s system. Once that was done I called an Uber to pick me up. I then asked a CVS Pharmacy employee if someone would help me to the front of the store. And fortunately a CVS Pharmacy employee was kind enough to do so. As the CVS Pharmacy employee and I walked to the front of the store with one another I asked said employee if she’d mind getting me a bag that had handles on it. Because the bag that the lady at the pharmacy had given me didn’t have any handles on it…and in this state usually people have to pay for bags. But fortunately the lady was able to get me a bag that had handles on it. After I’d gotten a bag with handles from the CVS Pharmacy employee my Uber ride arrived. I went straight home because I didn’t want to end up paying a lot of money to go anywhere else. A while after I’d come home from CVS Pharmacy I received an FB message from MR. Creepy saying “hey.” I wrote a well thought-out response to Mr. Creepy that reads as follows: “You are just creepy. You try too hard to get people to like you and your desperation shows. If you would just be yourself, whatever that is, you may find that you are able to build successful relationships. Also, think about things that you could talk about with people. If you find out that you have a common interest with somebody then talk about that with them. I’m not a fan of people just saying ‘hey’ because that leads nowhere. Like I said, if we have things in common or if you’re a Facebook friend and realize through things I post that we have things in common…that’s fine…but to my knowledge you and I have no common interests/topics that we like to discuss. So communication from here on out is pointless. I wish you well in life though.” Some time after I’d sent Creepy Guy that particular FB message I texted the local NFB group that I’ve mentioned in my blog before. In the text messages that I’d sent that particular group I ran my idea by the group members about starting a trauma support group within the NFB. Many people seemed to like my idea. I really hope that said idea pans out soon because I think having such a group within the NFB is not only necessary but having such a group within the NFB will also change people’s lives for the better. A while after I’d texted back and forth with those particular group members I went to a friend’s apartment to hang out with said friend. I took my AIRA equipment with me because I wanted to show my friend exactly how AIRA works. On the way to my friend’s apartment though the Uber driver I’d had was what I’d consider weird. What I mean in saying that that particular Uber driver was weird is that said Uber driver asked me if I go to church. Of course I told him that I don’t go to church and he replied with “Well you should go to church. You would love it. The Lord healed me and he could heal you too.” I didn’t say anything to that asshole but I was certainly thinking “You don’t fucking know me and what I’d like. You also wrongfully assume that I’d want to get rid of my disabilities if I could…when I probably get around far better as a disabled person than you ever would.” I hate, hate, hate when people make assumptions like that. They are not trying their best. They are being idiotic, presumptuous and rude. That kind of thing annoys me to no end. Throughout the day yesterday Mr. Creepy continued to send me FB messages after I’d sent my last FB message to him…so I blocked him on FB as well as on FB messenger. I refuse to make time for people who don’t respect the boundaries that I set with him or her. I used to let people like Mr. Creepy walk all over me but that crap stops now. This morning I received a call from my VRC. During his and my conversation with one another he asked how things had gone for me on Thursday regarding my AT assessment. So I filled him in on everything and he seemed happy to know that everything went great. Another thing that he and I’d talked about during our conversation with one another though was the fact that one of the items I’d requested to have my VRC purchase for me is a wheelchair. Because I have an incredibly hard time doing things like folding clothes, taking out trash, bringing groceries inside the house ETC due to my CP. So I told my VRC that when I was at WSB last year I was introduced to a specific kind of wheelchair that I was able to use regularly…and being able to use that particular wheelchair greatly increased my independence. So I told my VRC about how that particular wheelchair would change my life in numerous ways and he told me that it would be a long process for him to get said wheelchair for me. So he suggested that I check with my primary insurance company first to find out whether that particular business would meet those particular needs of mine. So once I’d gotten off the phone with my VRC I called my primary insurance company. I told the lady I spoke with at said business exactly what I needed and she told me that my primary insurance company would pay for me to have a wheelchair. She then told me that I’d need a doctor to write a prescription for said wheelchair and from there my doctor would have to find a company to purchase the wheelchair from. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with a lady from my primary insurance company I called my doctor to try and speak with someone about the prescription that I needed my doctor to write for me. However I ended up leaving a voicemail at my doctor’s office because no one answered. Shortly afterwards I went to the college I’m going to be attending. More specifically I went to the college’s transcripts office as well as the college’s financial aid department. On the way to college though AIRA called me. However since I was not in a position to answer said phone call I let the call go to voicemail. Anyway when going to the college I’m going to be attending I went to the college’s transcripts office first so that someone could scan my high school transcripts into the college’s system. Fortunately a lady who was at the transcripts office was kind enough to scan my transcripts right then. And once she’d scanned my high school transcripts into the college’s system I went to the college’s financial aid department. I met with the lady I’d last communicated with through email and it turns out that that particular lady was the director of the financial aid department as a whole. She was able to process my financial aid information right then. She also told me that I should receive something in the mail that would give me three different options for how I want my financial aid payments to get to me. I made sure to tell her that I’d already filled out a FAFSA application for the fall semester of college and she immediately told me that things should be easy regarding financial aid in the fall semester of college. I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. She seems like she knows her stuff. Once I’d finished everything with her I left the college and came home. After I’d settled in at home I read my emails. It turned out that I’d received an email from the lady who I’d sent my NFB membership dues to. In the email that she’d sent me she let me know that she’d received my membership fee. After I’d read that particular email from her I called AIRA tech support to follow up with that particular business about the technical problems that I’d been having with the glasses. The man that I spoke with was very helpful. It turned out that my MiFi was completely dead which the AIRA technical support guy figured out by having me plug in the MiFi as if I was going to charge said device. And I had the glasses on when I’d plugged in and turned on the MyFi. That way I’d be able to hear the glasses say “Wi-Fi connected” or whatever. Except instead of saying “Wi-Fi connected” the glasses said “no data.” “No data” meant that the MiFi had been reset back to its factory settings which was quite frustrating to say the least. But the good that came out of me calling AIRA tech support was that the guy I spoke with informed me that since I’m in AIRA’s system I’ll receive the new Horizon Glasses when those particular glasses are released. And the fabulous thing about the Horizon Glasses is that they will eliminate the need for the MiFi completely. Although I don’t remember the specifics of it, like whether there will be a docking station to charge the glasses on or whether there will be an entirely different method for charging the glasses. I’ll have to read up on that particular thing because I want to make sure I’m clear on it. But anyway during my conversation with the AIRA tech support guy I was also informed that he’d have a replacement of all my AIRA equipment sent out to me. He also said that he’d send a return shipping label so that I wouldn’t have to pay to send the AIRA equipment back that I already have. So the conversation I had with him was productive. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with the AIRA technical support guy I wrote the following frustrated FB post that reads as follows: “So last night I had an Uber driver who asked if I go to church. I told him that I don’t go to church and that I hate church, personally. He said that I should go to church because the Lord healed him…and he could heal me too. But that Uber driver did not for one second stop to think about the fact that I wouldn’t want to be healed. He sees disabilities and automatically sees human beings with disabilities as “defective.” That sort of thing annoys me to no end because I’m 30 years old. I’ve been multipli-disabled for that long…and I would bet that I get around far better as a multipli-disabled person than that asshole ever would. It’s as though people forget how to use their brain…and that what they visibly see in a human being from the get-go is what they are going to go off of. I hate when people push church on others, especially when they don’t know me or what I would like. Religion is not what makes the world beautiful, nor is religion what makes people worthy in life. What makes people worthy in life is that they are good human beings who care about the world and want to do their part to make the world a better place.” Shortly after I’d created that particular FB status update I texted the NFB membership committee. And in the text that I’d sent that particular committee I stated that I’m really eager to start being an outlet for people to share their stories about traumas they’ve been through or traumas that they are going through. So I gave said group this particular blog link since it’s what I have right now. And shortly after I’d sent that particular text message to NFB’s membership committee I found the email that I’d sent someone at WSB when I was a student at that particular training center. In the particular email that I’d saved in the WSB folder inside of my personal email account I’d written a justification for one of my then doctors to prescribe this particular wheelchair for me that I’ve mentioned in my blog. I wanted to keep the justification for said wheelchair in my blog though in case other people would like to use it as an example. Or if there are people who are unsure how a blind person advocates for things that he or she needs, the below justification letter will illustrate how this is done. The justification letter reads as follows: “It has been recommended by both my cooking instructor as well as my mobility instructor that I have my own Hemi wheelchair as an assistive device that would help increase my independence. I would use this wheelchair to sit down and complete tasks such as sweeping, mopping and cooking—since my Cerebral Palsy makes me get tired on my feet very easily, it is not possible for me to mop, sweep or cook while standing. Having a hemi wheelchair would allow me to sit down while I mop, sweep, fold clothes, cook, ETC. Having a wheelchair for these tasks would increase my independence a great deal—I would be able to complete these basic tasks on my own instead of having to rely on someone else to complete those tasks for me. The reason I am requesting this specific wheelchair is because the hemi wheelchair is designed to sit lower to the ground than other wheelchairs. Sitting lower to the ground makes it easy for me to propel the wheelchair using my feet and allows me to move around rooms and hallways easily. Again, I just want to state that this wheelchair will not be for permanent use; rather, the wheelchair will be used as an assistive device that will increase my independence.”

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