Numerous Updates, Revision To Wheelchair Justification And Other Stuff

I’ve been forgetting to mention that within the last week or so VO stopped turning on at the log-on screen of my MacBook Pro. So I’d gone into the settings and selected users and groups then my current username and then log-in options. VO used to let blind people select a checkbox that said “Turn VO on at the log-on screen” or something to that affect. However I guess with the last Mac OS update or so VO doesn’t let blind people select that particular option anymore. That’s incredibly frustrating for me because I don’t like having to turn VO on myself every fucking time I turn on my computer. So hopefully once I get my AIRA replacement equipment I’ll be able to use an AIRA agent to make VO come on as soon as my MacBook Pro turns on. In the last blog entry that I’d written yesterday I also forgot to mention that earlier in the week when I’d gone to the college I’m going to be attending I used my $3 off of a Starbucks item. I’d gotten that particular gift from T-Mobile a while back. And I vividly remember receiving said item from T-Mobile because I’m a T-Mobile customer. Shortly after I’d written my last blog entry yesterday I called an Uber to take me to CVS Pharmacy to pick up my medication. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long for an Uber driver to arrive at my house. And fortunately the Uber driver that I’d had was someone that I’ve had a few times before that I’ve enjoyed having. On the way to my destination I received a phone call. However I didn’t answer the call because in case it was something personal I didn’t want to broadcast my business for other people to hear. Once that particular Uber driver had gotten me to my destination he walked me inside the building. In some ways I don’t mind it when people want to be helpful but in other ways I do mind it when people want to be helpful…because more often than not those people’s helpfulness is unnecessary. I’m blind, I have a physical disability in addition to my blindness…and I’m human too. Anyway once that particular Uber driver I’d had walked me inside the building he pointed me in the direction of the pharmacy. He then commented on the fact that I look confident in myself when I walk places which made me feel great because sometimes I think I suck at cane travel. The reason I think I suck at cane travel is because when I had brain surgery a few years ago I had to relearn how to do most things all over again (from learning how to sit up, to learning how to construct sentences, to learning how to remember details of conversations I’d had with people ETC). And after I’d had that particular brain surgery (my first brain surgery as an adult) I thought that said surgery really fucked up my ability to travel on my own confidently and safely. I’ve often beat myself up about this particular thing until today. Today is the day that I’m going to start feeling confident and safe when I walk places. I’m going to start focusing on the here and now rather than dwelling on something that I can’t change. Because the past should stay there, in the past! So anyway once I’d found the pharmacy inside of CVS Pharmacy yesterday a lady at the counter said she’d help me with whatever I needed. So I told her my name and that I was there to pick up a certain medication. She grabbed my medication for me right away then I asked if she’d tell me how to know where I was supposed to start popping out the medications. Because the medications that I’m used to taking came in a 90 day supply. And the medication that I’m going to be starting today is only a 28 day supply. And since the lady who’d rang up my medication couldn’t help me she had the pharmacist tell me what I wanted to know. I even had the pharmacist put a paper clip at the top of my medication. That way I’d be able to distinguish the top of the medication packet from the bottom of the medication packet without having to ask someone sighted which was which every time I have to take that particular medication. Once I’d finished my business with the pharmacist I asked if an employee would help me to the front of the building. Fortunately someone did and I called an Uber right away. The particular Uber driver that I’d had then though was one of my least favorite Uber drivers I’ve ever had. However I was unable to give said Uber driver a bad rating because she didn’t overcharge me the way she’s done in the past. And that’s great because it gets tiring to report Uber drivers time and time again. A little while after I’d gotten home I listened to the voicemail that someone had left me earlier in the day. Upon listening to the voicemail that someone had left me I realized that my doctor’s office was calling me to let me know that the appointment that I’d scheduled for this coming Friday needed to be rescheduled. When I called my doctor’s office back though there was a message saying that said doctor’s office was closed. I called said doctor’s office a few more times and heard the same thing…and said doctor’s office was not supposed to be closed at the times that I’d called. Shortly after I’d given up on my doctor’s office for the day I re-read the email from AIRA that I’d been sent earlier in the week. And upon re-reading said email from AIRA I went ahead and signed up for AIRA’s forum where I’d be able to talk to other AIRA explorers. A little while after I’d signed up for AIRA’s forum I was approved on the forum. Although I must admit that I feel kind of weird about having registered with a forum nowadays because I feel like technology has advanced far beyond forums. This morning I read an email that was from the AIRA forum which I thought was neat. After I’d read that particular email I called my doctor’s office in the hopes that I could speak with someone to reschedule my appointment that was supposed to take place this coming Friday afternoon. Whenever I call said doctor’s office I’d always wait on hold for quite a while. This time was no exception. When I was finally able to talk with someone though the lady I spoke with scheduled for me to go to the doctor’s office on the 23rd of this month at 8:something in the morning. Because I’d told her that I wanted an appointment in the morning so I got a morning appointment like I’d asked for. LOL. Before I got off the phone with that particular lady from the doctor’s office though I told her about the situation regarding me wanting a prescription to be written for either of my insurance plans to pay for me to have a certain kind of wheelchair. The lady insisted that I’d have to physically come into the doctor’s office so that a provider could physically see me with his or her own eyes. And I get that because there are a lot of people who take advantage of the system…so this doctor’s office wants to make sure that that sort of thing doesn’t happen. Plus no one at this particular doctor’s office knows me yet and I get that side of things too. The lady I spoke with told me that next time I’m at the doctor’s office I could get set up with said doctor’s online portal. However my hope is that I won’t have to waste my time with said portal at the next doctor’s office visit because in my experience with these sorts of things, online portals for medical use are not accessible to blind people. I had several doctors when I lived in San Antonio who were big fans of online portals…and I could never use those online portals because they were never accessible with my screen readers on my phone or my computer. So when I say that I hope I won’t have to hassle with an online portal the next time I go to the doctor’s office what I mean is that I hope there is an alternative method for me to email someone at the doctor’s office the information for the particular wheelchair that I’m requesting. Like, once I’m in the physical presence of the doctor maybe he or she will let me email him or her the necessary information so that I can make sure I get the exact wheelchair that will meet my needs. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with someone at the doctor’s office I told Alexa to play the Backstreet Boys. And she did exactly as I’d told her to. I then texted one of my NFB friends that’s in the same state that I’m in. In the text message that I’d sent said friend I asked him if he knew how to create forum posts through email on AIRA’s forum. Because clearly there’s a way to do that, given that an AIRA forum post that someone had submitted through email went to my email inbox. A little while later I emailed AIRA support with the question I had about AIRA’s forum. Shortly after I’d sent that particular email to AIRA’s support staff I received a text from the NFB friend of mine that I’d texted earlier. In the text he’d sent me he said that he isn’t very active on AIRA’s forums so he didn’t know the answer to that question. I then sent said NFB friend another text to ask him whether there was anyone within the NFB who’d sponsor someone like me to continue using AIRA once my free trial is up. A little while later I received an email from someone at AIRA’s support team. In the email that I’d been sent by AIRA’s support team the person who’d contacted me gave me the email address to use to post new discussions to AIRA’s forum. I then replied to that person’s email to clarify things a bit more. Because I wanted to make sure I understood the process completely. So in the email reply that I’d sent to the person from AIRA’s support team I asked him or her if I could reply to someone’s forum post by replying to the actual email that contained said forum post. A few minutes later the person from AIRA’s support team emailed me again. This time he or she said that I’d completely understood the process of replying to a forum post that someone else had created. Throughout the morning/afternoon I kept asking Alexa to “stop” because I eventually became tired of hearing the Backstreet Boys. However upon me giving her that particular command all she’d do is say “Hmmmmmm, something went wrong” or “I don’t know what went wrong.” She said variations of both of those things for the longest time…then she’d keep right on playing the Backstreet Boys!! It was the weirdest thing. Gotta love technology when it works as it wants to rather than as you want it to. LOL. A little while later I created a calendar event on my phone of my upcoming doctor’s appointment. For some reason though when I told Siri to title said event “Annual female check-up” what Siri heard was “Annual female chicken.” I have no earthly idea how Siri heard the word “chicken” rather than the word “check-up.” Because to my mind neither chicken nor check-up sound alike. LOL. A little while after I’d input my upcoming doctor’s appointment into my phone’s calendar I received a text from the NFB friend that I’d texted throughout the day. In that particular text message that he’d sent me he told me that I could ask my VRC to pay for AIRA for me. I then sent a text message to said friend telling him that my VRC has already stated that he’d pay for AIRA for me. My VRC just doesn’t know I have AiRA yet because I’m waiting to tell him until I can experience AIRA as it’s meant to be experienced. Said NFB friend that I’d texted back and forth with throughout the day then texted me a link to a scholarship that I could apply for. And as soon as I saw that I’d been texted that particular link I applied for said scholarship. A while later I texted a local friend of mine to ask him if he’d come by my house sometime soon to help me put my box fan in a more desirable place. In the same text message that I’d sent said friend I also asked said friend if he’d help me reposition where the shower water hits me when I’m in the shower. Because as things stand right now the shower water hits me right in the face and I can’t avoid it. So whenever I’m going to shampoo my hair I turn the shower water off because that’s the only way for me to solve this particular problem. A little while later I texted the same friend to ask him if he’d print out the justification for me having a Hemi wheelchair if I emailed said justification to him. I also prepared myself though for the chance that said friend may not print what I’d asked him to either because he doesn’t pay attention to his text messages or because he flat out forgets. It’s frustrating for me to ask said friend to do things for me because if I’m not there to remind him to help me he’ll more than likely forget to do so. And usually when I ask him to do stuff I really need him to do whatever said thing happens to be. Then I worked on rewriting that particular justification because said justification needed to be slightly edited to include all the information that my doctor’s office would need. So the wheelchair justification now reads as follows: “To Whom It May Concern: it has been recommended by numerous professionals that I have my own Hemi wheelchair as an assistive device that would help increase my independence. I would use this wheelchair to sit down and complete tasks such as sweeping, mopping and cooking—since my Cerebral Palsy makes me get tired on my feet very easily, it is not possible for me to mop, sweep or cook while standing. Having a hemi wheelchair would allow me to sit down while I mop, sweep, fold clothes, cook, ETC. Having a wheelchair for these tasks would increase my independence a great deal—I would be able to complete these basic tasks on my own instead of having to rely on someone else to complete those tasks for me. The reason I am requesting this specific wheelchair is because the hemi wheelchair is designed to sit lower to the ground than other wheelchairs. Sitting lower to the ground makes it easy for me to propel the wheelchair using my feet and allows me to move around rooms and hallways easily. Again, I want to emphasize that this wheelchair will not be for permanent use; rather, the wheelchair will be used as an assistive device that will greatly enhance my quality-of-life. The size of Hemi wheelchair that I need is size 16. The Hemi wheelchair can be found at the following link:
Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.”

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