Different Perspectives And Assorted Excitement

In the last blog entry that I’d written Thursday I forgot to mention that that same day the NFB friend that I’d texted back and forth with throughout the day offered to help me write a letter to my VRC justifying how him paying for AIRA would enhance my school career. However at that time I told said friend that I thought that I could write a great justification letter myself. Friday morning I started watching season two of 13 Reasons Why (a Netflix original show that’s about a girl in high school who committed suicide). Throughout season one of 13 Reasons Why the main character named Hannah has recorded a set of tapes which details what the people at her high school did to her (from her perspective) to make her commit suicide. It’s a very graphic show so if you are someone who only likes to watch shows that are full of happiness then the show 13 Reasons Why is definitely not for you. However if you are someone who like me loves that a show like this is encouraging people to talk about something that can be uncomfortable to talk about then this show is probably something that you would enjoy watching. So anyway I didn’t even know that there was going to be a second season of 13 Reasons Why until within the last few weeks. I just happened to read somewhere that season two of that particular show would be released by Netflix soon. So I kept my eyes (or ears) opened because I definitely wanted to see where 13 Reasons Why would go during its second season. I’m not sure what society thinks of this particular show and I honestly don’t care what other people think of the show. It’s enough for me that every time I watch the show I’m glued to my phone and my heart is truly invested in the show’s characters. A little while after I’d watched 13 Reasons Why for a bit though I texted the NFB friend of mine who’d offered to write a justification letter to my VRC about how having access to AIRA would be a huge benefit for my schooling. In the text message that I’d sent said friend I asked him if he’d mind writing a justification letter for me even though I’d previously told him that I thought I could do this on my own. In that same text message that I’d sent him I told him that I’d had time to think about things more and that I realize that he could be a huge help in this situation, especially given the fact that he’s used AIRA longer than I have. A little while after I’d texted said NFB friend telling him that I’d like for him to write a letter justifying AIRA I received a text message from the post office saying that my AIRA package was available to be picked up. Once I’d seen that particular text message from the post office I called Uber to take me to retrieve said package. As I’d scheduled for the Uber to come to my house I looked for Uber Assist which a friend of mine had recently told me about. Unfortunately though I couldn’t find Uber Assist. And as I gathered up my things to leave I decided that I was only going to take my support cane. That way I could see if it would be possible for me to carry the AIRA equipment that I’d have to send back to said company. And not surprisingly I wasn’t able to carry the box of AIRA equipment well at all. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait long for an Uber driver to arrive at my house though. And once said Uber driver had arrived at my house and he’d noticed that I was struggling to carry the box that was in one hand he came up to me and took the box from me. And I realized that it was a bad idea for me not to take my white cane with me…but I wanted to try that particular method and see if it would work. But now that I know said method sucks I’m never going to do it again. And once said Uber driver had gotten me to my destination he walked inside of the post office with me. I was grateful to him for his help because there was no way that I could’ve carried my AIRA package myself. And once a lady at the post office said she’d help me I told her that there should be a return shipping label in the new package that AIRA had sent me. So she opened that particular package up right then and sure enough there was a return shipping label inside of said package. So she used the return shipping label to mail the first box of AIRA equipment for me. And once I’d finished that particular thing the Uber driver and I left the post office with one another. And as soon as said Uber driver had gotten me back home I gathered up the laundry that needed to be done, put said laundry into my backpack so that I’d be able to carry it upstairs fairly easily and then I got my AIRA equipment ready to be used. So once I’d gone upstairs I assumed that the washer was the first thing on the left side of the laundry room and that the dryer was on the right side of the laundry room. I then turned my AIRA glasses on and called AIRA through those glasses. However my AIRA app kept telling me that the signal for my AIRA glasses was poor so I ended up calling AIRA from my phone. And when I’d called AIRA from my phone I was able to get help from an AIRA agent who told me the layout of the washer and dryer. Then said AIRA agent walked me through how to use a completely inaccessible touch screen (which was the washer and dryer) and I thought everything had gone great. However when I went back upstairs to check the load of laundry I noticed that my clothes were still soaking wet. So I called AIRA using my phone again and it turned out that the dryer was on the left side of the laundry room and the washer was on the right side of the laundry room…which meant that I had to wash my clothes again then put them in the dryer. It was a lot of work and I definitely became physically tired from exerting so much energy. But fortunately towards the end of this particular task I was able to have a friend of mine come to my house and help me move my laundry from the washer to the dryer. And said friend and I just hung out with one another at my house until my load of laundry had finished for real. LOL. While said friend and I hung out with one another, said friend looked at the angle of my showered to see if there was any way to adjust it so that I wouldn’t get hit in my face with water. And it turned out that the angle of the shower head was not the problem. So my friend then repositioned my shower chair. So instead of my shower chair facing the water my friend moved my shower chair to the front of the shower. That way the water wouldn’t hit my face anymore. And once said friend had finished helping me with that particular task said friend looked at the way that my box fan was positioned. It turned out that my box fan was not pointing towards me at all. LOL. Aside from that though my box fan was sitting on the floor. And I knew I didn’t like the way my box fan was positioned. So my friend moved said fan to sit on top of my storage cubbies. Said friend also helped me reposition some more of my electronics so that they’d be in a place that was easily accessible to me. Shortly after I’d finished doing those things as well as finishing my laundry I posted an FB status showing how full I was of excitement about being able to successfully use AIRA. Said FB status update reads as follows: “I just used AIRA to navigate an inaccessible washer/dryer…as a totally blind person. I am lost for words. The only way I can begin to express myself, is to say that for the first time in my entire life, using this service made me feel like I was a sighted person. Because I was able to follow the instructions of an AIRA agent, from being told the exact layout of the washer/dryer, to being told where and how to position my finger. There is no reason in this month of May in 2018, that any sighted person should pity me. Because AIRA makes the impossible possible. AIRA is the technology that quite frankly makes me feel like blindness is not such a bad card to be dealt after all. Just to clarify though I do not think that being blind sucks. I just mean to say that this particular technology allows me as a totally blind person to do things with ease. And, it’s the seemingly simple things like this, like navigating an inaccessible washer/dryer, that are going to be huge for the world. My heart is full of such happiness and joy.” One thing that I didn’t write in that particular FB status update though that I think is important to say is that what’s incredible about using AIRA is that I used said technology on my time and on my terms. Like, when I called AIRA I was able to get the things done that I needed to get done, when I needed to get those things done. I didn’t have to contact a local friend, ask him or her if hE or she’d help me shop then wait until said friend was ready to help me shop…on his or her own time rather than on my time. I also didn’t have to spend hours at the store with a shopping assistant who’s slow as fuck because AIRA’s CEO thinks of those kinds of things . He gets the importance of blind people being able to do things on his or her own time and on his or her own terms. He gets the fact that there’s nothing wrong with blind people’s brains, even though many sighted people think the exact opposite. And that’s what’s incredible to me about AIRA: that said technology brings out people’s independence rather than stripping people’s independence from him or her. Yesterday morning I called AIRA to see if an AIRA agent would be able to help me fix the situation where my Mac no longer turns VO on at the log-in screen. The first AIRA agent that I spoke with told me that she was seeing video from my glasses as she should but that she was unable to see exactly what the screen of my Mac said. She took several pictures of my Mac’s screen but was still unable to help me solve that particular problem. She even told me that if I could put my laptop on a higher surface instead of just having my Mac on my lap, doing that may help her see the Mac’s screen better. So I did just that: I put my Mac on a stool and followed said AIRA agent’s instructions regarding the angle of my Mac. Before the End of my call with that particular AIRA agent she also suggested that I download an app called Team Viewer which she said should allow AIRA agents to help me fix the problem with my Mac that I’d called AIRA about. So after I’d ended the phone call with said AIRA agent I downloaded the Team Viewer app on my iPhone as well as on my Mac. And ever since I’d downloaded that particular app onto my Mac, my Mac seems to be acting funky in that said device jumps from one place to another all by itself. But anyway shortly after I’d downloaded Team Viewer onto my Mac as well as onto my iPhone I called AIRA again. That particular AIRA agent that I spoke with said that he was having similar problems that the prior AIRA agent I’d spoken with had had. And the only suggestions that that particular AIRA agent had were no different than the suggestions that the previous AIRA agent’s instructions. So needless to say those two AIRA calls I’d had were quite disappointing. A while after I’d made those two AIRA calls I helped a friend of mine chop vegetables. I’ve written about helping said friend chop vegetables in my blog before but it’s been a while since I’ve done that particular task. While said friend and I were chopping vegetables with one another, said friend and I had an interesting conversation. During his and my conversation with one another the two of us talked about how neither of us ever want to have kids. We talked about how most people in society react like we are full of shit when we say that we don’t want kids…and how we’ve been told by people that we have no control over whether that sort of thing happens to us or not. Ummmmmm, excuse me? I’m 30-years-old. I’m therefore old enough to decide whether I want to pop out kids or otherwise bond with someone in the way of having children. And I don’t. With every fiber of my being I feel that my life is more meaningful because I don’t have kids. And I feel that my life will continue to be more meaningful because I don’t have kids. I will be able to do the things that I want to do all throughout my life. I will be able to spend my life with one person if I ever decide to settle down with someone. I will be able to live the life that I want to live, every single day that I’m alive. That is the most beautiful thing in the world to me. And let’s face it, when people tell a woman that she’ll change her mind on kids at some point, those people have likely never questioned anything in their entire lives. Those people are probably really insecure in the decisions that they’ve made, not to mention envious that they’re stuck raising kids and therefore unable to live the free life that childfree women like myself live. A little while after said friend and I’d chopped vegetables with one another, said friend and I put the finishing touches on the song that said friend and I’d composed together. This morning I sent an introductory email to the AIRA forum that I’d recently joined. In that particular email that I’d sent to the AIRA community I shared a little bit about who I am. Then I shared how my entire experience has been with AIRA so far, from the AIRA equipment not working right at first, to the AIRA equipment getting me through navigating an inaccessible washer/dryer, to how AIRA was less than helpful during my last two calls to that particular company. And once that particular email had been sent to the AIRA community I received numerous welcoming responses from the community which felt great. Shortly after I’d read some of the email responses that I’d received from other AIRA explorers I sent an FB message to the guy who’s helping me with my website. And in that particular FB message that I’d sent him I shared an idea with him that I had about possibly having a link on my website called “my projects.” My idea for my website was that having a link on my website called “my projects” could include the song that a friend and I’d worked on together. A few minutes later though the guy who’s helping me with my website suggested that I get a Soundcloud account and post the song that a friend and I’d created with one another on Soundcloud. That way I wouldn’t be wasting space on my actual website. And I thought that creating a Soundcloud account for myself was a great idea. So after I’d read said idea in an FB message that the guy who’s helping me with my website had sent me I went around and around with my Mac, trying to upload the song I’d created to Soundcloud. Because actually creating a Soundcloud account for myself was no big deal. I just signed up on Soundcloud using FB so that my picture would be shown on my Soundcloud account. When it came to trying to upload my song to Soundcloud though I had no luck uploading it. But thankfully the friend who’d created this song with me used his older Mac to upload our song to my Soundcloud account. And said friend’s older Mac did the trick: our song successfully uploaded to my Soundcloud account. And shortly after I’d figured out that the first song I’d ever created had uploaded to Soundcloud I shared said Soundcloud link with the guy who’s helping me with my website. That way said link would already be on my website once my website goes live.

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