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In the last blog entry that I’d written Sunday I forgot to mention that the friend who I’d been watching A Series Of Unfortunate Events with finished watching that particular show with me sometime within the last few days. And said show ended on a cliff-hanger. So hopefully there’s going to be another season of that particular show at some point. That evening said friend and I also watched the second Harry Potter movie together. And said friend told me he wants to keep watching the Harry Potter movies with me. Although I don’t think I wrote in my blog about whether I’d figured out exactly which Harry Potter movies I was missing. But it turned out that I was missing the 6th Harry Potter movie as well as the second part of the 7th Harry Potter movie. Monday morning I received an email from the guy at AIRA who I’d tried to get in touch with a while back. In the email that he’d sent me he asked what my week was like so that he and I could set up a time to talk with one another. I have yet to respond to his email though. After I’d read his email I called my primary insurance company to ask said business whether said business paid for its members to have access to transportation to doctor’s appointments. And the lady I spoke with at my primary insurance company told me that said business does pay for its members to have free access to transportation that takes those members to his or her doctor’s appointments. And when I say that my primary insurance company pays for its members to have free transportation to his or her doctor’s appointments what I mean is that if I’m able to have access to such a service I wouldn’t pay out of my own pocket to get to and from doctor’s appointments. So anyway the lady I spoke with at my primary insurance company also told me that it’s a bit of a process for members of said insurance plan to get access to that particular benefit. According to the lady I spoke with I’d have to have a doctor write a prescription saying that it’s necessary for me to take advantage of that particular benefit. But from that point I forgot to ask the lady from my primary insurance company whether my doctor’s office would be able to fax the prescription to said insurance company or whether there was another way for my primary insurance company to receive that particular paperwork from my doctor’s office. A while after I’d gotten off the phone with that particular lady from my primary insurance company I received an email at my school email account that was from the Financial Aid Department at the college I’m going to be attending. In the email that I’d received from the Financial Aid Department at the college I’m going to be attending I was informed that my financial aid status had been updated. So I texted a sighted friend of mine to ask him if he’d log onto my school account and give me the verdict. A little while later said friend texted me with the amount of money that I was awarded by the college as well as the amount of money that financial aid would pay for my schooling. A little while after I’d read that particular text from said sighted friend of mine who’d looked at that information for me I texted said friend to ask if he was able to read what my remaining balance was on my school account. He said that he was unable to see if I had a remaining balance on my school account or not. So after I’d read said text message from him I logged onto my school account myself to see if I could figure out whether I had a remaining balance on said account. It turned out that I couldn’t find anything that told me that information either so hopefully said information will get cleared up somehow. After I’d logged onto my school account in the hopes I’d get answers for money-related things as it relates to school the friend whose place I’d been hanging out at gave me a printed copy of the wheelchair justification that I’d written for my upcoming doctor’s appointment. That made me very happy because I’d have the paper in my hands now rather than only having said wheelchair justification on my laptop. Shortly after said friend had given me the printed copy of the wheelchair justification he downloaded the other Harry Potter movie that I’m missing. The thing is though that he hasn’t given me either of the Harry Potter movies that I’m missing because he wants to figure out an easy way to get those movies onto my laptop if possible. And right after he’d downloaded the second Harry Potter movie. that I’m missing he tried to airdrop both Harry Potter movies to me using his older Mac. And I’m not sure if the Airdrop feature on his older Mac has become inaccessible to screen reader users or whether he’s going to have to play around with things some more…but as things stand right now I’m still missing two Harry Potter movies. Throughout the day I watched more of season two of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix using my phone. Early yesterday morning I woke up from having a dream about an uncle that used to be married to my favorite aunt who was on my mom’s side of the family. In the dream I had I’d gotten back in touch with said uncle somehow. And said uncle ended up telling me that my cousins who were my favorite aunt’s kids were druggies just like my mom had told me they were in real life. That was all that I remembered in that particular dream though. Although I woke up from said dream trying to remember what said uncle’s phone number was in real life. Then it dawned on me that there’s a reason (or multiple reasons) why I’ve chosen to go full no-contact with everyone on either side of my family. And it then dawned on me that I can continue to remember who I’d thought that every single one of those people were versus how every single one of those people actually are in real life. It dawned on me that there’s absolutely no reason why I can’t hold onto those memories while living in the present and continuing to live my truth outwardly. Once I’d woken up from that particular dream for good I received a phone call from my doctor’s office. The lady I spoke with at that particular doctor’s office wanted to confirm my next day appointment. So I told the lady that I’d definitely be there then. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with that particular lady at my doctor’s office I received an email from someone at Bookshare. In the particular email that I’d received from someone at Bookshare I was informed that The Gift Of Fear (the book that I’d reported to said business a while back as having multiple errors in it) had been fixed. Although I’ve yet to decide whether I want to re-read said book or not. Shortly after I’d read that particular email from someone at Bookshare I watched the rest of 13 Reasons Why. And throughout that particular show my opinion and love for the show never changed. And by the end of said show I came away really and truly feeling that the show’s main character Hannah was my best friend…could be anyone that I’m close to…because no matter how well a person thinks that he or she knows someone, people may not tell us the truth because they are too scared to do so. I’m soooooo grateful that Netflix realized the seriousness of suicide and therefore said company wanted to create a show that would bring awareness to suicide…but not only did the show bring awareness to suicide, in my opinion the show accurately portrayed how society does not often take people’s cries for help seriously. And I hope with all my heart that people continue to have healthy conversations with one another about suicide on a regular basis. Because if even one person who’s suicidal comes to understand that he or she is truly valued and that he or she truly has valuable things to offer the world then the show 13 Reasons Why will have done a wonderful thing. Shortly after I’d watched season two of 13 Reasons Why in its entirety I texted the NFB friend of mine who’d said that he’d write a letter to my VRC justifying to him why it would be helpful that he continues to pay for my AIRA subscription. In that particular text message that I’d sent said NFB friend I asked him how said letter to my VRC was coming along. A while later I watched the latest episode of Once Upon A Time. And while I was in the middle of watching Once Upon A Time the NFB friend that I’d texted earlier in the day texted me back. But I didn’t want to pause Once Upon A Time so I didn’t read his text message until after that particular episode of Once Upon A Time had ended. And according to the text message that he’d sent me he’s still working on the letter he’s writing to my VRC. And interestingly this particular episode of Once Upon A Time was my absolute favorite episode of the entire show. The reason that particular episode of Once Upon A Time was my favorite episode of said show was because there was an awesome lesbian scene where one of the show’s lesbian characters asked her girlfriend’s dad if he’d give her permission to marry his daughter. Thankfully he said “yes” to that all-important question. But unfortunately there was no further indication of what was going to happen with the happy couple. I’m just glad that a show I loved watching included LGBT-related scenes and LGBT-related real life scenarios. I think including both of those things into shows that people enjoy is crucial for the world to continue to move forward in treating LGBT-related life happenings as just an acceptable and normal part of life. That evening was the last time that I’d be at my friend’s apartment because he won’t be living there much longer. And honestly it was bitter-sweet for me to be there for the last night because his place was nice and cozy, not to mention that his place was close to my doctor’s office which was awesome. So anyway throughout the day I watched a reality TV show called Catfish The TV Show. That particular show has been showing on Music Television (MTV) for 6 seasons now. And that particular show is a show that doesn’t require any brain power for people to watch it. And I love that, especially now at a time where I have a lot of time on my hands. LOL. And honestly in watching some episodes of Catfish The TV Show I can have empathy for the people who are the catfish. Because as someone whose been through numerous traumatic events myself it’s understandable why people catfish other people. And before I go any further I want to say that I’m not justifying people who catfish. I think it’s fucked up that people catfish other people because the people who catfish don’t think through the fact that they’re going to end up hurting a ton of people. For example if the catfish comes from a broken home or has otherwise experienced numerous traumatic events throughout his or her life it is unsurprising that said person might take steps to try and become someone different than who he or she really is. I mean, I went through a phase in my life where I wanted to change my full name because all I could keep thinking about was that I wanted to get away from my mom’s side of the family in every single way that I could. However when I found out that legally changing my name would cost me $500 I changed my mind real quick. And I ultimately decided to keep my current last name. Because when I really thought about what it would mean to legally change my name I realized that making that particular move wouldn’t change the shit that I’d been through. And to this day I’ve never thought about legally changing my name anymore. Later that night I treated my friend and I to Starbucks because his birthday is coming up later in the week. And said friend and I had a whole conversation with one another about whether he wanted me to pay for dinner or coffee as a treat for him. The reason I say that the two of us had a big discussion with one another about it was because my friend knows that money is tight for me. However I told him that I used to live life feeling miserable because money was tight…and for that reason I never did anything to treat myself. And I also told him that I’m not going to worry about my money situation the way I used to worry about it because that is another reason that I was stressed out all the time. And in making this recent move to a new state I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to worry about my financial situation. I’m just going to live life having fun while still making sure that my rent gets paid every month. Thankfully he understood where I was coming from and he said he’d like to go to Starbucks. I’d thought that Tuesdays and Thursdays were when happy hour was at Starbucks. However when my friend and I’d arrived at a Starbucks the guy who’d taken my order informed me that I was wrong. According to him happy hour at Starbucks is only on Thursdays. But I still purchased Starbucks coffee for my friend and I. I’d initially tried to use the Starbucks app that’s on my phone to order our coffees ahead of time. However I was unable to order our coffees ahead of time because I didn’t have any money on my Starbucks rewards card nor did I have things set up on the Starbucks app where I could pay for Starbucks items using my bank’s quick-pay feature. So I paid for my friend and I’s Starbucks items using my bank card. And unfortunately when my friend and I’d first gotten in the car with our Uber driver I realized that said Uber driver was a fast driver…which activated my motion sickness immediately. And I felt so awful, even once my friend and I’d arrived at his apartment, that I put my Starbucks coffee in his refrigerator for the rest of the night. And when I woke up this morning I got ready for my doctor’s appointment. I made sure that I took my coffee with me when I left my friend’s apartment because I knew that drinking said drink would be a nice treat. And indeed it was! Fortunately my friend carried my drink and backpack out to the Uber driver’s car for me. But that particular Uber driver that I’d had barely understood English. She even seemed not to understand me when I’d asked for her help making sure that I got into my doctor’s office building correctly. So that particular thing was incredibly frustrating because as a totally blind person it’s crucial that my Uber drivers know how to verbally communicate with me. So anyway once the Uber driver I’d had arrived at my destination and I was inside of the doctor’s office, I told said Uber driver that she could leave. However she ended up trying to lead me to a chair inside of the doctor’s office building…and I told her that I needed to go to the counter to check in first. She didn’t seem to understand my words and then someone sighted motioned to her that I needed to go to the front of the doctor’s office building before I sat down. And fortunately I successfully got to where I needed to go. And when I got to the counter someone from my doctor’s office staff told me that I’d need to provide all of my information to said business again because said business had started using a new computer system since the first time that I’d gone to said clinic. So anyway I provided a staff member at the clinic with my information then I waited until after 9:00 in the morning to be called by someone to go to the back of the clinic. And that was interesting because I’d arrived at the clinic at 8:10 in the morning to be seen by someone at 8:30. Yet I didn’t actually get called back until after 9:00 in the morning. But once I’d been called to the back of the clinic I met with a lady I’m guessing was the MA. And I shared with her that I had a few other concerns besides getting my annual female check-up taken care of. And I told her that I needed for said clinic to write a prescription for me so that my primary insurance company would pay for me to have medically-related transportation paid for. And she then told me that my primary insurance company would have to fax a particular form to my doctor’s office and then my doctor’s office would fax said form back to my primary insurance company. After she and I’d finished having that particular discussion with one another I told her that I’d need the doctor to write a prescription for my primary insurance company to pay for a certain kind of wheelchair for me. And when I say that it took a lot of advocating on my part to get that particular MA and Nurse Practitioner to help me with the two things that I’d told them about, I mean that I had to push both of them. And I had to push both of them hard as fuck! I told both of them that I’m getting ready to start attending college, that I’m on SSI and that I’m currently renting a room in a family’s house. I wanted it to be totally clear to the two of them that I didn’t have money to pay for transportation costs. And fortunately the two ladies finally caved in and said that they’d work on my wheelchair situation as well as that they’d fill out the form from my primary insurance company that would allow me to have medically-related transportation paid for. And after I’d gotten those two important things out of the way, the doctor performed my annual female check-up. And before I’d finished with her she made sure to tell me that if I wanted to get an earlier follow-up appointment with my Primary Care Physician (PCP) I could ask a lady up front what was available. So I did just that: I told a lady up front that I currently have a follow-up appointment scheduled with my PCP for June 12. But I asked her to check whether she had anything available sooner. And fortunately she did. I was able to get a follow-up appointment scheduled with my PCP on June 7 at 10:00 in the morning. That’s going to be a hell of a lot better than 8-something in the morning. LOL. And fortunately I didn’t have to wait long for an Uber driver to pick me up from my doctor’s office. And interestingly on the drive to what I’d thought was my house it turned out that since I’d used the Uber option where I may share rides with other people the Uber driver I’d had picked up my friend at his apartment. So he and I unexpectedly got to see each other for a little bit which was an awesome surprise. And after the Uber driver had dropped off my friend at school, said Uber driver dropped me off at my place. Once I’d made it to my room I unpacked my heavy backpack. Then I set up most of my electronics where I’d like them to be. And shortly after I’d gotten that taken care of I contacted Uber to make them aware of what had happened earlier in the day with regards to my Uber driver not understanding or speaking English. I’m not sure if that particular business is going to respond to the message I’d sent them. I’m just glad that I let them know what a crappy experience I’d had with said Uber driver. I then called my primary insurance company. The lady I spoke with at that particular business was not helpful in resolving the transportation issue as I’d hoped she’d be. Yet she did give me a phone number to the county I live in. So once I’d gotten off the phone with a lady from my primary insurance company I called the county number that I’d been given. The lady I spoke with at that particular business told me that I hadn’t called the correct place. I was then told that I’d need to contact the SSA to resolve the transportation coverage issue. However upon looking at the numbers in my phone for the SSA’s contact card, that particular number that I’d just called was a local SSA office. So the only thing I can think of is that the second lady I’d spoken with meant that I should contact the SSA at their 800 number. God I hope that I don’t keep getting the run-around with this. It’s already at the point of being ridiculous.

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