I Hate The Waiting Game And Other Stuff

I’ve been forgetting to mention that within the last week or so one of my NFB friends in this state invited me to a gathering that’s going to happen on the 9th of next month. And said gathering will be taking place at a beach which makes me sad because I really want to go meet my local NFB friends. But the reason I can’t go to the beach is because I wouldn’t be able to wear my leg braces there due to the sand and water that are in said environment. Of course I know that this particular opportunity to hang out with my NFB family won’t be the only opportunity to do so. However I’m still sad nonetheless. Because before I wore leg braces I could’ve gone to such an event…which is interesting. Because I wore leg braces from the time I was a newborn baby until I was 16. And when I turned 16 for whatever reason my mom decided that she was going to stop buying leg braces for me. So I went without wearing leg braces from the time I was 16 until I was in my late 20s and life sucked in many ways because I couldn’t walk well at all. And now that I wear leg braces again I find that it’s much, much easier for me to get around. But when it comes to things like going to beaches, water parks ETC I avoid those sorts of places as much as possible. And truth be told I’m not a fan of the beach. I never have been a fan of the beach…but the fact that my NFB family is going to be at a beach next month makes me sad. In the last blog entry that I’d written yesterday I also forgot to mention that another reason I loved hanging out at my friend’s apartment was because there were places to sit there. Whereas at my place there’s a couch, a bench and a table with chairs throughout the place but I still feel awkward about living in someone else’s house. Shortly after I’d written my last blog entry yesterday I logged onto my bank’s website in the hopes of having my bank card added to the Starbucks app that’s on my phone. My bank’s website said that I’d completed the necessary information to be enrolled in a feature where my bank would allow me to use my bank card to load money onto my Starbucks rewards card. So hopefully whenever I go to Starbucks next time I’ll be able to try things out. After I’d taken care of that particular thing I received an email from Uber support. In the email that Uber support had sent me I was thanked for making that particular company aware of the recent experience I’d had where an Uber driver did not speak or understand English. In the same email that Uber support had sent me I was also informed that said company would follow up with the particular Uber driver I’d had the issue with. And I know that Uber is great with their customer service so I don’t doubt their words for a second. Shortly after I’d read that particular email from Uber support I sent an email to the AIRA forum that I’d recently joined. In the email I’d sent to said community I suggested that AIRA as a company goes back to using an email list instead of a forum. In the same email I’d sent that particular community I also added that I’d seen someone else mention this same thing within the last few days. And I wanted to add my input because I too am only receiving random emails rather than full discussions which is rather annoying. After I’d sent that particular email to the AIRA community I called the SSA’s 800 number. I was on hold for a long time which was not surprising. And when I finally spoke with a representative at the SSA the lady told me that said business has nothing to do with providing medically-related transportation to people. But while I was on the phone with her I asked her to provide me the phone number to a local SSA office. And thankfully she did. So right after I’d gotten off the phone with her I called the number that she’d given me. Unfortunately though no one answered my call. A little while later I called the friend of mine who goes to the college I’m going to be attending. During his and my conversation with one another he asked me whether I had enough food to last me a while. I told him that I’m going to make the little bit of food that I do have last as long as I possibly can. He then told me that he knew that there was a culinary section in our college’s catalogue which was news to me. I didn’t even know there were cooking classes at the college I’m going to be attending. Said friend told me that he’d thought that I’d be interested in taking a cooking class at some point. I told him that I’d definitely be interested in taking a class like that for my own good but that I want to wait until I have my wheelchair. Because I want the instructor of said cooking class to teach me how to cook using the wheelchair as a tool. He understood where I was coming from and thought that would be a good plan. Said friend then told me that he’d spoken with someone at the college who’d told him about different resources on campus that exist for college students at said school that are hungry. And since I’d fall into the hungry category of students who attend said college I got off the phone with him and Googled my college name along with the words “food help.” And it took me a little bit of digging to find something that showed what the requirements are for students to be eligible for food-related help. And when I looked at what the requirements were for that particular thing I was left feeling more unsure about how the college provides food assistance to its students. The reason that I was unsure about how the food assistance thing works at the college I’m going to be attending was because there are certain requirements that I don’t meet. For example I’m not at least 50 percent finished with community college. But what I need to find out is whether the requirements that I’d read on the website are all things that a person must meet or whether if a person is on SSI as I am, being on SSI alone qualifies him or her to receive food help from the college I’m going to be attending. A little while later I checked my school email account. And it turned out that I’d received two emails that informed me that I should receive something in the mail within 7 to 9 business days that gives me options about how I could receive my financial aid information. Shortly after I’d read those two emails I sent an email to my VRC to give him the latest update regarding financial aid saying they’d cover some of my schooling. In the same email I’d sent my VRC I also told him that I’m unclear on whether financial aid is going to cover this summer semester as well as the fall semester. A little while after I’d sent my VRC that email I went into the kitchen to get myself something to eat. The only food that I have right now though is cereal and microwavable chicken strips. But I had to eat something because I’d already taken my medicine…and if I don’t eat something with my medication I’m miserable. Like, my throat burns in a weird-feeling way and my chest hurts like hell. So I ate a bowl of Capt’n Crunch Crunch Berries Cereal. And as I was in the process of getting my cereal box my landlord and his family arrived. And I ended up hanging out with my landlord and his wife for a bit, with the three of us just getting to know each other. One of the things that my landlord and his wife told me about during our conversation with one another was that they have what’s called a Swamp Cooler in the house now. And for anyone who doesn’t know what a Swamp Cooler is, it’s a system that combines fresh air from outside with water that passes behind the air from outside…and the Swamp Cooler makes it nice and cool in the house. The only thing is though that if it’s hot outside then the Swamp Cooler won’t work so we’ll just have to use the Air Conditioner (AC) during those times of the year. So Swamp Coolers are an interesting concept and one that I hadn’t ever heard of before. Something I found out about my landlord and his wife during our conversation with one another was that neither of them are religious. I was overjoyed to hear that because I’m not religious at all either. And it feels good to know that I’m not alone in having those beliefs. I must say though that it was unexpected that my landlord and his wife would just strike up a conversation with me but their advance was soooooo welcome nonetheless. I really enjoyed hanging out with the two of them and I’m hopeful that with time it will become less awkward for me to live here. This morning my VRC called me before 7:00 and I wasn’t about to answer his call then. I woke up a time or three more because he called me again and again…but I finally got up for good when he called me the third time. But I had to go pee before I returned his call. Because I always have to go pee every morning when I first wake up for good. So anyway when I called my VRC he told me that he’s certain that the college I’m going to be attending is going to cover everything I need. During his and my conversation with one another he also told me that just to be safe I should have my financial aid money put on the card that I’m going to receive. And after thinking about things some more I think that’s the wisest idea. That way I don’t even have to worry about the SSA for any reason. Once he and I’d finished clearing up everything as it relates to school he told me that he still has not received the report from the agency who’d done my AT evaluation a week or so ago which was surprising to me. However my VRC told me that he isn’t worried about things where that particular lady’s AT evaluation of me is concerned. He then told me that it takes at least two weeks for that particular lady to get said report to him. So it’s still a waiting game. After my VRC and I’d finished having that particular conversation with one another I gave him the latest update on my wheelchair situation. He seemed happy to hear that my primary insurance company is going to pay for said assistive device for me. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with my VRC I called a local SSA office. However after being on hold with that particular business for a bit I decided to hang up, especially given that someone at the main number for the SSA had told me the previous day that the SSA doesn’t handle transportation-related things for people. And after I’d disconnected my call with a local SSA office I called my primary insurance company. The lady I spoke with at that particular business informed me that that particular insurance company was no longer my primary insurance company since I’d chosen a health insurance company that I wanted to have. So hearing that information was great. That particular lady that I spoke with also told me that the insurance company that is now my primary insurance company is who I call to arrange medical-related transportation for myself. So after I’d gotten off the phone with that particular lady from the insurance company that is now my secondary insurance company I called the insurance company that I’d chosen to have. And when the lady I spoke with at that particular business looked up my information she told me that I was already eligible to receive non-emergency medical transportation from said business. And she told me that I was eligible for that particular service as soon as I became a member of this particular insurance company which was great news. So I asked her what the process was for said business to get the form to my doctor’s office that said doctor’s office is going to sign saying that it’s medically necessary for me to receive transportation from what is now my primary insurance company. She told me that she’d need to have the name of the doctor’s office as well as the doctor’s office’s address, phone number and fax number. So I provided her with all of the information she’d requested and she then informed me that my doctor’s office should receive the form within 24 to 48 hours. She then asked me if I knew for sure which doctor was going to sign the form and I told her that my PCP would probably be the one to sign said form. But I also made sure to let her know that I saw a medical professional the previous day who said that she’d sign the form if she saw it come through the fax machine at the clinic. Once I’d taken care of that I asked the lady I spoke with if she’d be able to go ahead and schedule transportation for my June 7th appointment with my PCP at that same clinic. Fortunately she told me that that wouldn’t be a problem. She asked if I was able to walk and I told her that I was. However I also told her that I’d be getting a wheelchair at some point in the future that I may use for mobility-related purposes from time to time. So she said that if I knew when I was going to receive the wheelchair we can put that on file. But I told her that it’s in process and I have no idea how long the whole thing is going to take. So for now I told her that I’m able to walk but that I’d like to have door-to-door assistance just as a safety net. So that’s exactly what she put on file. She then told me that once I receive the wheelchair I can call said insurance company to let them know. And from that point the form can be resubmitted to my doctor’s office for said clinic to sign off on that particular change. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with that particular lady I took a shower. And that particular time using said shower was the first time I’d taken a shower since a friend of mine helped me reposition my shower chair. Said experience was great in the sense that the shower water did not hit my face the way it used to. However I still can’t say that I love using that shower because I still have difficulties. The main difficulty that I have right now is that the shower water practically sticks out to the end of the bath tub/shower. So I really have to lean forward in order to shampoo my hair which is frustrating to say the least. Shortly after I’d gotten out of the shower I called my primary insurance company to ask if the medically-related transportation that that particular business pays for their members to have would also take their members to and from the pharmacy. The lady I spoke with at that particular business told me that I could be taken to the pharmacy after said transportation picks me up from doctor’s appointments. You know, I really hate answers like the one that particular lady gave me because such answers still leave a question in my mind: if a member does not have to go to a doctor’s appointment can he or she still use the transportation that’s provided by his or her insurance company? I would think that the answer would be a resounding “yes!” However I’ll hopefully find out the answer to said question at some point in the future. A little while later I checked my phone and realized that the Huboodle app had released an update. So I eagerly opened that particular app only to find out that I was still unable to play any of the games that are on said app. So I turned VoiceOver (VO) off and randomly double-tapped and triple-tapped my phone’s screen to see if doing either of those gestures would change my situation for the better. However I had no such luck. So I then purchased the advertisement-free version of Huboodle to see if that would change things for the better as I’d been told by a Huboodle player that it would. But things stayed the same. So I then contacted Apple Support via email to make them aware of my problem. And in that same email I’d sent Apple Support I made sure to let that particular business know that I’d accidentally purchased the advertisement-free version of Huboodle twice. A little while after I’d contacted Apple about getting a refund I checked my school email account. It turned out that I’d received a couple emails from the bank whose partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. In one of the emails that I’d received from the bank that the college I’m going to be attending has partnered with I was informed that I could possibly receive a $250 Amazon.com gift card just by choosing how I want my financial aid money to be delivered to me. Then the other email that I’d received from the bank whose partnered with the college I’m going to be attending gave me a code that I could enter into a certain website and then register an account so that I could go ahead and choose how I want my financial aid money to be delivered to me. So of course I followed that particular email’s instructions using my iPhone…only to have VO tell me that I was unable to check two checkboxes that needed to be checked before I could go any further. So I then tried the same exact process on my MacBook Pro. And the results were exactly the same as they were on my phone itself. Ugh, how fucking frustrating!! So after I’d figured that out I texted a sighted friend of mine to ask him if he’d help me get this registration taken care of. And a little while later he texted me back…and as it turned out he had a ton of issues with making that particular website work. Although he was trying to take care of this through his phone which I think was the problem because it seemed like the mobile version of the website just sucked. So in the most recent text message that he’d sent me he asked if it would be okay if he tried taking care of this from an actual laptop or computer tomorrow. I told him I’d be fine with him doing that.

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