An Interesting Article, My First Post From My Website And Other Stuff

In the last blog entry that I’d written Thursday I forgot to mention that that same evening I searched Twitter for the app developers who make the app called Huboodle. And fortunately I was able to locate that particular app’s developers on Twitter. In the tweet that I’d sent those particular app developers I told them that I was very frustrated because I’ve been unable to use Huboodle ever since I’d heard of said app. A little while after I’d sent that particular tweet to the Huboodle developers I went to hang out with a friend of mine at his apartment. Said friend sent an Uber for me and the Uber driver that I’d had was one of the rudest drivers I’ve ever had. The reason I say that that particular Uber driver I’d had was rude was because once I’d gotten into his car he said “What happened to you?” He asked me that particular question in a tone of voice that was full of judgment and condescension. Even so though I answered his question saying that nothing happened to me other than that I was born like this. Then said Uber driver said “Tell your friend that I made a mistake because when I saw you coming outside of your house I asked him if that old lady was his mom.” I was not amused. Then when I’d arrived at my friend’s apartment, my friend told me the story about said Uber driver thinking I was my friend’s mom. What an idiot that Uber driver was!! I then told my friend that next time someone asks me “what happened to you” because he or she sees the leg braces I wear and thinks that I’m injured I may say to the person “what happened to you?” Then when he or she says “what do you mean?” I’ll say “Well I mean what happened to you to make you so goddamn insensitive like that? What happened to you to make you believe that it’s your right to nose into a complete stranger’s business?” My friend thought that that would be a great idea. Shortly after I’d been at my friend’s apartment for a bit I used his phone to see if I could report that asshole Uber driver using the Uber app. But unfortunately I was unable to do so since my friend had already given that particular Uber driver a one star rating. Shortly after I’d gotten done with that particular task I received an email from Apple support. In the email that someone from Apple support had sent me I was told that a refund for the Huboodle app would be on its way back to me within the next 7 to 10 business days. Friday morning I called my doctor’s office to ask that particular business if said business had received a fax from what is now my primary insurance company. Unfortunately though the lady I spoke with at my doctor’s office told me that said business hadn’t received anything from my primary insurance company. Shortly after I’d gotten off the phone with that particular lady from my doctor’s office I checked Twitter. And when I’d checked Twitter I discovered that the Huboodle developers had tweeted me back. And in the tweet that that particular business had sent me, said business asked if I’d email their company. So I did. I sent said company an email explaining to the company what my situation was. And after I’d sent that particular email I received a text from my sighted friend who’d agreed to help me with my financial aid stuff. Unfortunately though in the text message he’d sent me he said that he was still having problems getting said thing taken care of. And after I’d exchanged a few texts with that particular friend of mine I exchanged an email or two more with the Huboodle developers, still trying to problem-solve the issue that I’m having with the Huboodle app. And in one of the emails that the Huboodle developers had sent me it was suggested that I change the navigation using my phone’s rotar to vertical navigation. However I couldn’t change said setting then because I hadn’t brought my BlueTooth keyboard to my friend’s apartment. But before I left my friend’s apartment for the last time for real, said friend gave me some food to take to my place. And shortly after I’d made sure that I’d gathered up everything of mine that was at my friend’s apartment he and I left his place with one another. He went to school to study and I went to my house. We used the same Uber vehicle just to make it easier on both of us though. And once I’d gotten home I put the food away that my friend had given me. And shortly after I’d put the food away that my friend had given me I realized that there were still some snacks that my friend had given me that I needed to put away as well. So I did just that. And after that had been taken care of I used my BlueTooth keyboard to switch my phone to vertical navigation while in the Huboodle app like the app developers had suggested I do. Not surprisingly though having my phone switched to vertical navigation did not change the situation I’d been having with the Huboodle app one bit. Shortly after I’d done that, I watched several episodes of Catfish The TV Show on the Hulu app that’s on my phone. A little while later I read what I thought was a fabulous article. The article was written by someone named Laura LeMoon and can be found here . My favorite quote in that particular article was “If everything happens for a reason then what was the reason for the years of abuse I suffered?” That particular quote was my favorite thing in that entire article because the lady’s words are more true than most people would like to admit. Like, now that I read said quote I’m going to use it in the future when I have discussions of this nature with people. Because everything DOES NOT happen for a reason!! There are awful things that happen to good people and there are good things that happen to bad people. That’s just how this thing called life works…but to say that absolutely EVERYTHING happens for a reason? That’s callous, idiotic and dehumanizing. Yesterday morning when I woke up for good I saw that I’d received a text message from the sighted friend of mine who’d agreed to help me with the financial aid stuff that I’d been trying to finish. And in the text message that said friend had sent me early yesterday morning he’d told me that he was finally able to log into the website where he’d be able to choose how I wanted my financial aid money delivered to me. And in that same text message he’d sent me he also asked what three things were most important to me. And there was a loooooong list of things that I could choose from. But the three things that I ended up choosing were that I have the funds sent to me electronically, that I don’t get charged fees as a student and that I want to have access to the funds the same day. And a little while after I’d sent that particular text message to the friend who’d been helping me with this particular task, said friend texted me back. And in that particular text that he’d sent me he asked whether I want the funds to go to an already existing account, to a bank account of the business that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending or whether I want to be sent an actual check. Of course I texted him saying that I want the funds to go to the bank account of the company that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. Shortly after my friend had asked me that particular question though there were even more hoops for him and I to jump through. Another thing that I had to do was prove that I’m who I say I am. So since my landlord and his family were at home I asked if one of them would mind taking a picture of my state ID card then texting said picture to the friend of mine who’d been helping me with this financial aid stuff. Fortunately my landlord took a picture of my ID card for me then texted said picture to said friend. A little while later said friend told me that he was able to fill out all of the information that that particular website had requested. And then I received an email that informed me that once my information had been verified by the people at the bank that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending I should receive an email letting me know the status of things. Shortly after I’d taken care of that I hung out with my landlords and their family for a bit. We ate breakfast together which consisted of bacon, sausage, strawberries, berries and some kind of egg thing which was very bland. The egg thing was the only thing that I didn’t eat. The strawberries tasted really sweet and refreshing. After I’d finished eating my food the other adults wanted to watch a movie. However no one knew what he or she wanted to see. Then someone came across the movie Black Panther but when one of my landlords realized that it was going to cost money to watch that particular movie, Black Panther was out of possible movies that we could watch. LOL. We ended up watching a Ninja Turtles movie which I didn’t enjoy much because there wasn’t a whole lot of dialogue that told me what was going on…and as a totally blind person, not knowing much about what’s going on in a movie, play ETC really ruins the movie, play ETC for me. I mean, I could hear fighting sounds in the Ninja Turtles movie but the fighting sounds were the extent of what I could tell about the movie just by listening to it. In the middle of watching said movie though I sat on the couch that’s in the living room. And I quickly discovered that I’d accidentally almost sat on something. And upon asking one of the sighted grown ups around me what I’d almost sat on I learned that I’d nearly sat on an iPad. And believe it or not I’d never seen an iPad before that point. And I can’t believe how tiny iPads are. And although I’d said in previous blog entries that I’d written that I wouldn’t discuss the equipment that my VRC was going to get me I’m doing so now in part because this particular situation came up. So anyway one of the things that my VRC is going to get me is an iPad for school. Said iPad is going to come with what’s called a smart keyboard which is going to be neat, considering that iPads are touch screens by themselves. At least the one that I saw was. LOL. Shortly after I’d checked out my landlord’s nephew’s iPad I grabbed my last bottle of coffee from my shelf in the refrigerator and happily drank it. But come to think of it, when I’ve referred to having bottles of coffee in this particular blog entry and other blog entries I misspoke. Because what I’d actually bought were cans of coffee that’s mocha-flavored. A little while after everyone became tired of watching the Ninja Turtles movie my landlords’ extended family left the house. And I went into my room to have some time with my computer/cell phone. And one of the things that I looked up on my phone was driving directions. I used Google Maps to look up how far my home was from my doctor’s office. Because although I’d forgotten to mention it in my last blog entry last week the lady I’d spoke to from my primary insurance company had given me some incorrect information. Because what she’d told me when I’d spoken with her last week was that her map was showing that my home was 36 miles from where my doctor’s office was located. I knew in my heart that that couldn’t be right…which is why I used Google Maps to verify said information. And it turned out that that particular lady was wrong. My home is a little over 6 miles from my doctor’s office. That’s a lot smaller number than 36 miles, for sure. Needless to say I’m glad that I checked that information for myself because if I hadn’t I would’ve been up Shit Creek. After I’d looked up that information I received a text from the NFB student association that’s in this state. In the group text message that was sent to everyone, we were reminded that the following evening would be the membership conference call for the National Association of Blind Students (NABS). Since I was one of the newbies to this particular group though I asked what the number was that I’d call into. And shortly after I’d gotten that information I asked my landlord to show me how to open and close my bedroom window. And he did…but that particular task is not as easy for me to do as I’d hoped it would be. Because in order to open and close my bedroom window I have to climb onto my bed, stand up on my knees, scoot over to the middle of my window (where I think the middle of the window is anyway) and then make sure I’m balanced well so that I can open/close my bedroom window. It’s pretty ridiculous!! At least at this point. After I’d kept my bedroom window opened for a bit I watched some more episodes of Catfish The TV Show…and then closed my bedroom window for the night. When I finally went to bed a little bit later I kept waking up. I don’t know why though. Guess it was just one of those nights/early mornings. When I woke up at 1-something this morning I noticed that someone had sent me an FB message. And it turned out that the guy who’d been helping me with my website was the one who’d sent me an FB message. And in the FB message that he’d sent me he told me that my website was completed. In that same FB message he also gave me the link to my website. Since it was way past midnight by then though I fought hard to go back to sleep. I still struggled to get back to sleep though, probably because I was so excited about the fact that my website was finally up. But dear blog readers, you better believe that when I woke up for good this morning I immediately went to my website link to check things out. I was able to read everything but was puzzled when I couldn’t figure out how to log into said website. However I then sent an FB message to the guy who’d helped me with my website. And in that particular FB message that I’d sent him I asked him to give me my login information. In that same FB message I’d sent him I also asked him if he’d describe to me what my website looks like visually. And shortly after I’d sent him that particular FB message I checked my email account. And it turned out that I’d received a few emails from the website host notifying me that the account had been created. I’d also received an email from the website host that told me what my username was/how to change my password. So I set up my login information right then. And then I read through other emails that I’d received. It turned out that I’d received an email from Apple letting me know that my refund would be given to me within 10 business days. And it was weird to receive that particular email from Apple because I’d already received an email from Apple with that same exact information. I then read an email that I’d received from the bank who’d partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. And in the email that said bank had sent me I was informed that I was officially a customer of said bank. And a little while after I’d read through all of the emails I’d received I texted the sighted friend who’d been helping me with my financial aid stuff. And in the message I’d sent him I asked him if he’d log into my bank account for financial aid to make sure that the hold that had been there had been taken off. In that same text message that i’d sent him I also asked him if he’d update my website information on my Facebook profile since I was unable to do so myself. A little while later he messaged me back asking that I remind him to help me with these things later in the day because he was busy. So I told him I would. And then I logged onto my website to read the “about” section of said website. I wasn’t happy with the way that particular part of the website read so I sent an FB message to the guy who’d helped me create my website. And in the FB message that I’d sent him I asked him if he’d delete the bio that was currently on my website and post a brand-new bio on myself that I’d write up. He said that that wouldn’t be a problem. And I actually used a small portion of the bio that he’d copied and pasted into that particular section of my blog. However the rest of the bio that I wrote up was something that I came up with fairly quickly…that I really loved the flow of. A little while after I’d written the bio I re-read every word of the bio to make sure that I was satisfied with its contents. Shortly afterwards I FB messaged said bio to the guy who’d been helping me with my website. And a little while after I’d sent him said FB message he sent me an FB message back to let me know that he’d reposted the edited version of my bio to my website. A little while after I’d read that particular FB message from the guy who’d been helping me with my website I talked on the phone with another friend of mine. During his and my conversation with one another he suggested that if the NFB friend of mine who’d agreed to write a letter for me to give to my VRC (regarding justifying my VRC to keep paying for my AIRA subscription) is able to write a letter it may be a good idea for me to write part of the letter myself showing what AIRA experiences I’ve had so far. I thought that particular idea was a good one. Because that way I’d have even more material to justify to my VRC why he should keep paying for my AIRA subscription.

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