An Interesting Story And Numerous Other Updates

In the last blog entry that I’d written Sunday I forgot to mention that this past weekend I found out that my landlords have a treadmill at the house. Their treadmill is a touch screen treadmill but I want to use said equipment at some point as some form of working out would be better than not working out at all. In the last blog entry that I’d written Sunday I also forgot to mention that within the last few days I’d tried to use the Uber app to report the Uber driver I’d recently written about who was rude to me and to a friend of mine. However since that particular Uber driver was not gotten through my Uber account I couldn’t report him. I wish there was an easier way for people to get a hold of Uber though, especially in situations where people had awful drivers that were gotten using someone else’s Uber account. And while I’m talking about Uber, another thing that I can’t stand about Uber is the fact that if an Uber rider wants to call his or her Uber driver there are several steps a person has to take to get to the place where he or she can call said Uber driver. It’s a pain in the ass because that process is more time-consuming than it has to be. Another thing that I forgot to mention in the last blog entry I’d written Sunday was that that same day before I’d gotten up for good I had a bad dream. In the bad dream I’d had I was in high school riding the bus that I’d really rode then in real life. And in the bad dream the bus driver and bus assistant that I loved were clear as day too. And for some reason I had the bus window cracked for the seat that I was sitting on. And I remember there being a nice cool breeze…but also I could see pictures of a singer whose singing voice I love named Jaci Velasquez. The pictures of said singer that I saw were pictures of some of her albums or pictures of her that I’d seen in books and on websites when I still had usable vision. But then as the pictures of her were moving around and around some flashcards started to shoot at me too. And in that particular dream the flashcards had lyrics to some of Jaci Velasquez’s songs on them. That particular dream was definitely one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had. LOL. A little while after I’d written my last blog entry Sunday I played around with my website for a bit to try and learn how said website was laid out for me as its administrator. However I quickly discovered that there’s going to be a lot to learn. I ended up asking the guy who’d created my website to help me figure out how to set the time zone to the correct place. I’d figured out how to change the date on my own which was pretty neat because using this website as an administrator is not very self-explanatory. So after I’d spent some time with my website I got ready to go visit the friend of mine who’d recently moved to a new place. And said friend and I had dinner with one another. We ate at a Mexican food place called Rubio’s and both of us ordered the same thing. We ordered Rubio’s Classic Shrimp Burrito but we like some different things in our Classic Shrimp Burritos. So I ordered mine with added guacamole and sour cream, no spicy chipotle sauce and black beans instead of pinto beans. I think that that particular burrito tastes delicious the way I order it!! My friend loves spicy food so he ordered his Classic Shrimp Burrito with a lot of spicy sauces on it. And after I’d eaten half of my burrito and my friend had finished his burrito, the two of us left Rubio’s with one another. We then stopped at Cold Stone Creamery (an ice cream place) because I wanted to celebrate my website being put up by getting one of my favorite desserts, ice cream. The kind of ice cream I ordered was cheesecake-flavored ice cream with gram cracker crust and M&Ms inside of the cheesecake-flavored ice cream. What I’d ordered from Cold Stone Creamery tasted delicious! Once my friend and I’d left Cold Stone Creamery with one another the two of us hung out at his new place for a bit. While he and I hung out with one another at his place the two of us talked about the fact that privacy is a privilege. And I then talked about how I’d never thought of privacy as being a privilege until I moved to this state. Because when I was in San Antonio Texas where I’d had my own apartment for 6-and-a-half years I just took that as a right that everyone had. So I didn’t cherish the experience of having my own place quite so much as I do now that I’m renting a room and bathroom in a family’s house. I mean, I have privacy in some ways but in other ways I don’t have privacy. So it’s a mixed bag of pros and cons. But having that particular conversation with my friend was a thought-provoking discussion because it forced me to reflect on where I was versus where I am now, versus where I’m going. And for sure, in more ways than not my life has changed for the better in moving to this state. I no longer have to deal with toxic people the way I felt I had to because of how society often shames human beings who are estranged from their family members. I no longer have to keep people in my life who do not grow me. And more importantly of all I think, is the fact that I no longer have to be silent about my perspective regarding subjects like homosexuality, politics or anything else that I’m passionate about supporting. I no longer have to hesitate to tell my full story for fear that people will see me as less than them because I live and think differently than they do on many things. And it felt great to feel something different for a change, to truly feel what freedom is like. So nowadays my definition of freedom is this “freedom is people unapologetically being who they are, all the time, on his/her terms and his or her terms only.” I’m very explicit about the way I word this definition because it’s an important distinction to make, to say that people unapologetically are who they are, all the time, on their terms and their terms only. I define freedom in this way because it’s my truth. I’m living the life I want to live. I’m not living the life that some religious Christians I know want me to live or the life that some religious Christians I know think God supposedly wants for me. I’m living the life that I, Chelsea have always wanted to live but that I honestly never thought I’d have the figurative balls to carry out. And I hope that others are encouraged to be who they are through hearing me tell my truth, the unfiltered truth. Because although people don’t like to talk about abuse and neglect of children/adults, that shit happens regularly. I know. I was both a child and a young adult who went through physical and verbal abuse…and for years I was okay with being silenced. Now that I know that it’s most important that I am my authentic self though I’m passionate about speaking truth to these taboo subjects. I’m confident in the voice I have and I think others should find their voices…because of that thing called freedom. I gave such a gift to myself in moving to this state, a gift that I’d looked for for years in all of the wrong places!! Anyway as it got later and later I realized that I should leave my friend’s place. And once I took an Uber home at 10:30 or so I was pretty tired. When I’d arrived home mentally I wanted to work on familiarizing myself with my website some more. However mentally I was also exhausted. So I made a good decision and went to bed. Early yesterday morning I woke up from having a bad dream about two of the teachers I’d had when I was in middle school. And in that particular dream one of my favorite teachers had told me that another of my favorite teachers was pregnant. But according to what the first teacher had said, the second teacher hadn’t told many people that she was pregnant. And it turned out that when I went to the second teacher and congratulated her on her supposed pregnancy, that she wasn’t pregnant at all. In fact she was quite hurt to know that someone had gossiped in that way about her…and she knew exactly who it was that had gossiped in that way about her. I then saw her cry for a bit. Then she confronted the teacher I’d mentioned had gossiped about her…and then I woke up. LOL. I always seem to wake up at weird places when I have weird dreams. When I got up for good yesterday morning though I checked my email. And it turned out that I received more unsolicited emails from the bank whose partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. I’ve actually received multiple emails a day from said bank ever since I’d signed up with the website that I’d been given at my school email account which is quite annoying. So hopefully the unsolicited emails from said bank will stop coming to me now. I then realized that I’d received a text message from the sighted friend of mine who’d been helping me with my financial aid stuff. And in the text message that he’d sent me he told me that there still was not an update regarding the hold on the bank account that my financial aid money is going to. He and I also exchanged a few text messages with one another regarding having him make sure that my old blog website was no longer on my FB profile. And according to him, said website was not on my FB profile anymore which was great news. Interestingly though when I write drafts of new blog posts I still use Dreamwidth to do so. Because the way that Dreamwidth shows drafts of blog posts that a person has written is very simple. If the person writing the draft uses the Mac’s built-in screen reader as I’m doing then he or she should be able to read everything by lines. Whereas if I use my actual website to compose a blog draft, the way my website displays said draft to a Mac VO user is very clunky. What I mean in saying that the way my actual website displays blog entry drafts when they are being written is clunky is that my website seems to show blog drafts as being one long line of text…and that’s highly annoying! So I treasure the fact that Dreamwidth still exists because that particular website makes my life a lot easier when I’m writing blog drafts. But anyway in the text messages that I’d exchanged with the sighted friend of mine who’s been helping me with my financial aid stuff I also asked him if he’d put my website link on my FB profile, my SoundCloud link on my FB profile as well as my Twitter username on my FB profile. And fortunately he didn’t mind helping me in that way. A while after said friend of mine had taken care of that for me I ate the rest of my Classic Shrimp Burrito for lunch. And after I’d eaten lunch I sent a follow-up email to the Huboodle app developers. In the email that I’d sent the Huboodle app developers I told them that I’d switched my phone’s setting to vertical navigation as had been suggested by them…but nothing changed about my Huboodle app situation. In that same email that I’d sent the Huboodle app developers I made it clear to them that this situation remains to be extremely frustrating for me. A little while after I’d sent that particular email to the Huboodle app developers I watched several episodes of Catfish The TV Show. And when I was on the last episode of that particular show the internet went down. All of my devices were down (the internet on my MacBook Pro, the internet on Alexa and the internet on my iPhone). And it’s crazy to think about how much we rely on the internet nowadays, especially for a blind person…because our iPhones, our Macs, our Alexas are our way of connecting with the outside world. Because driverless cars are not yet a thing so having access to technology that provides connection is all we have if we are not in school or working. So when the internet finally came back on I was happy. And a little while after the internet had come back on I talked to a friend of mine. And during the conversation said friend and I had with one another he suggested that I use Pages on my Mac as a way of writing my website posts instead of dealing with Dreamwidth when I don’t have any reason to do so anymore. And he’s right. It doesn’t make any sense to keep using Dreamwidth when I don’t actually post there. LOL. But I’ve decided that for the remainder of this blog entry I’m going to keep said blog entry draft in Dreamwidth. I don’t usually mind change but saying goodbye to Dreamwidth is not easy. A little while later I exchanged a few FB messages with the guy who’d helped me with my website. And in that particular FB message exchange with him he told me that he’d fixed the link I’d tried to put in the last blog entry that I’d written. So now that particular link is a clickable link. I then asked one of my landlords to show me how to use their coffee maker. And my landlord’s wife was kind enough to show me the motions of how to use their coffee maker. She and my landlord have an actual coffee maker which is different than the Keurig I used to own. The actual coffee maker that my landlords have has a pot that has to be filled with water. Said coffee maker also has a filter where the coffee is placed into. But fortunately the pot that’s supposed to be filled up with water is not as big as I’d thought it was. Because what happened is that I was comparing my landlord’s coffee maker to the fact a friend of mine used to make coffee in a pot that people usually cook with. And when it came to the cooking pot I had a hard time carrying said pot from one place to another. So I was glad to see that the coffee pot that my landlords have is not anywhere near as big as the cooking pot that I’d seen a friend of mine use to make coffee. And while my landlords wife showed me how to use their coffee maker I asked her if I could use their coffee or if I’d have to get my own coffee. And she said that I’d have to purchase my own coffee which was a bummer because money is already tight for me as it is. Ugh. This morning I woke up and checked my email. It turned out that I’d received an email from a lady I’d sent my website link to…and there’s an interesting story behind how I got in touch with this lady to begin with. So in late 2017 I raised money so that I’d be able to purchase a MacBook Pro for myself. My friends created a GoFundMe account on my behalf and I raised quite a bit of money through the GoFundMe account alone. But interestingly I received a message on the GoFundMe account from a lady who lives in the United kingdom (UK). And in the message that that particular lady had sent me she told me that she’d stumbled across the blog entry where I’d written the article about having a friend help a blind person shop at a store versus a blind person having someone who works at a store helping him or her shop. The lady told me that she’d loved that article and asked if she could use said article for training materials at the guide dog charity that she works at in the UK. She then explained to me that the guide dog charity in the UK also trains the sighted public on how to help blind people/how not to help blind people…and that’s why she wanted to use the article I’d written about the differences between a blind person’s friend helping him or her shop versus a blind person having someone who works at a store helping him or her shop. I of course sent her an email so that she and I could keep in touch with one another off of my GoFundMe account. And in the email that I’d sent her I told her that I’d love for her to use my article as training material at the guide dog charity. So anyway she was the lady I’d emailed my website link to. And this morning she’d replied to my email. And in the email she’d sent me she told me that she was leaving the guide dog charity in the UK. However in that same email she’d sent me she also told me that she’d forwarded my email to some of her colleagues who work at the guide dog charity in the UK. So I immediately replied to said email to tell that lady that I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors. In the same email I also encouraged that lady’s colleagues to please email me if they have suggestions of things for me to write about that they could use in their training materials. I then read an email that I’d received from Bookshare. In the email that I’d received from Bookshare I was informed that my Proof of Disability was still not submitted to that particular business. But I found that email puzzling because I knew that I’d submitted my Proof of Disability to Bookshare when I’d first became a member of Bookshare. I then read an email that I’d received from the bank that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. And in the email that I’d received from the bank I was told that said business needed me to provide more identification which I thought was ridiculous! The bank that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending didn’t like the fact that I put a PO Box as my address. But I had to do that since I can’t receive mail at the place I live at. So I forwarded said email to the sighted friend who’d been helping me with my financial aid stuff. Then I sent said friend a text to let him know what I’d found out from the bank that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. And in that same text message that I’d sent my sighted friend I also told said friend that I’d ask my landlord to text me a copy of my lease that he and I’ve both signed. And shortly after I’d sent that text message to said friend I contacted my primary insurance company. And I told the lady I spoke with at that particular business that I wanted to know if she’d resubmit the transportation form to my doctor’s office since my doctor’s office had not received the form yet. She told me that she first wanted to check with her administration people to see whether the fax had even been sent out yet…and it turned out that her administration people had not sent out the fax because said people were still playing catch-up with other people’s transportation forms. The lady I spoke with then called my doctor’s office to make sure that she’d taken down the correct fax number for said business. And fortunately she had the correct fax number. She then asked the doctor’s office how to spell my PCP’s last name just so that we could make sure it would get to my doctor without any problems. After we’d cleared up that information the lady at my primary insurance company told me that my doctor’s office should receive the fax from my primary insurance company today or the next day. So my fingers are crossed in the hopes that I won’t have to keep asking my primary insurance company to check whether the transportation form has been submitted to my doctor’s office. A little while after I’d gotten off the phone with a lady from my primary insurance company I received an email from the Huboodle app developers. In the email that those app developers had sent me I was asked to send said app developers more information so that they’d be able to trouble-shoot my problems thoroughly. In that same email that the Huboodle app developers had sent me the person who’d sent the email walked me through a way that I’d supposedly be able to send those app developers the exact feedback they’d need. The instructions that I was given in the email were to open my iPhone’s settings, double-tap on “privacy” and once I’d done that I was supposed to see “diagnostics” or something similar to that. But I didn’t see anything of the sort when I’d performed those exact steps. So I went back to the email that the Huboodle app developers had sent me and read another set of instructions that were in that same email. And those set of instructions told me to open the Huboodle app, go to the settings part of said app and then double-tap the “feedback” button that’s within that app. So that’s exactly what I did. And once I’d double-tapped the “feedback” button within the Huboodle app I realized that clicking on the “feedback” button sent me to compose an email to the Huboodle app developers. So once I was in the “compose an email” section I read the email that was already copied/pasted in the body of the email. And it turned out that said email was sent successfully. A little while after I’d sent that email to the Huboodle app developers I received a reply from those app developers. And in the Huboodle app developers’ email reply to me I was asked to provide them with more information. So I immediately responded to those app developers’ email informing them of exactly what happens when I try to play games using the Huboodle app. A little while later I talked to one of my landlords about emailing me the lease agreement that I’d signed along with one of my landlords. I told one of my landlords that I need said document so that I can prove to financial aid that I’m a resident of this state. The landlord that I talked to said that she’d see if her or her husband could email me said document by the end of the day. Shortly after I’d finished talking to one of my landlords I logged onto my Bookshare account to verify that my Proof of Disability had indeed been submitted to said business. And it had. Still though I sent an email to Bookshare to ask said business why I’d received an email from Bookshare saying that my Proof of Disability had not been received by said business. Shortly after I’d submitted the contact form to Bookshare I logged into my website to post this blog entry. However upon clicking on “new entry” I discovered that there were new plugin updates available for me to download. I didn’t mess with that particular thing though because I don’t know enough about it to be confident in what I’m doing. So I sent an FB message to the guy who’d helped me with my website asking him if the plugin updates are something that I need to maintain. Shortly after I’d sent him an FB message I received an email from one of my landlords that contained my signed lease agreement. I forwarded that email to the friend of mine who’s been helping me with my financial aid stuff. I then received an FB message from the guy who’d helped me with my website. And in the FB message that he’d sent me he told me that it wouldn’t hurt anything for me to update plugins on my website which made me feel a lot better.

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