Numerous Updates And Can I Get A Do-Over Please?

In the last blog entry that I’d written Tuesday I forgot to mention that that Monday I watched the last episode of Catfish The TV Show using the TV app that’s on my iPhone. And honestly I felt disappointed about Catfish The TV Show’s end. A little while after I’d written my last blog entry Tuesday I received an email from someone at Bookshare. In the email that someone from Bookshare had sent me the person said that I could disregard the email I’d received from said business about needing to update my Proof of Disability with said business. That’s what I thought but I’m glad I contacted Bookshare just to be on the safe side. After I’d read the email that I’d received from Bookshare I received an email from the Huboodle app developers. In that particular email that those app developers had sent me I was given instructions on how to play games on said app. So I immediately replied to the Huboodle app developers’ email. And in my response to those app developers I expressed my frustration at the fact that said app developers still did not seem to understand what I’d written to them in the previous email that I’d sent them. In this particular email that I’d sent them I said something to the affect of “I know how to play games on the Huboodle app. I’m quite frustrated at this latest email response from you is no further than we were when I’d sent you the previous email. The issue I’m having with the Huboodle app is that even when I double-tap on games within said app I’m still unable to play any games on said app. I don’t know what is so hard for you to understand about that, especially when I spent a significant amount of time composing my previous email so that I made sure to explain absolutely everything that I’m experiencing with the Huboodle app.” A little while later I searched FB for a fan site of Stacie Orrico (who’s my favorite singer/musician of all-time). Unfortunately though I couldn’t remember the exact name of the Stacie Orrico fan site page on FB. Because I’d followed said FB page a while back…but after I dug for a bit I found said FB page. However upon looking for the “message” option that is available on other FB pages, said page was nowhere to be found on the Stacie Orrico fan site FB page. So I went to the actual website link for the Stacie Orrico fan site and looked for contact information there. Fortunately I was able to find contact information for the website’s owner. So I sent him an email to ask him if he’d forward a letter to Stacie Orrico for me. In the email that I’d sent him I explained that it’s my dream to meet Stacie and to share with her how she’s helped me get through the traumatic experiences I’ve had in life. Shortly after I’d sent that particular email I read an email that I’d received from the Huboodle app developers. In that particular email that the Huboodle app developers had sent me the person who’d sent the email asked if I’d remove my one star review of said app off of the app store. In the same email the Huboodle app developer had sent me the person also gave me even more instructions on how to play games using said app. By that point I was extremely annoyed because I’d tried and tried and tried to explain everything to the Huboodle app’s developers the only way I know how to do so…but those app’s developers still were not helping me problem-solve my issues with the Huboodle app. So when I replied to that particular email that the Huboodle app developers had sent me I told them that I was not seeing any of the buttons that they were telling me I should see. I didn’t answer their question about taking my one star review off of the app store because I’m not going to take that review off of the app store until or unless these people solve my problem with the Huboodle app. A little while later I talked to a friend of mine using FaceTime on my MacBook Pro. During his and my conversation with one another he told me that he’d talked to one of his roommates who works at Starbucks. He said that his roommate who works at Starbucks told him that when Starbucks does happy hour every Thursday, said business changes things up every week. So on one Thursday Starbucks may be giving away frappuccinos for less than the usual price. For another Thursday Starbucks may give less off on espressos…and not just that but each Starbucks location does different things too. So as a blind person I’m not sure how I’d keep up with exactly what the Starbucks locations around me are doing for happy hour Thursdays. After that particular part of my conversation with my friend was over, the two of us then talked about the fact that it would be quite an ordeal for me to use my landlords’ coffee maker. So said friend looked up different coffee makers on Amazon’s website. However he didn’t just look up regular coffee makers. He looked up one-cup coffee makers and he found something that he and I’d thought sounded perfect for me. What he’d found on Amazon’s website is a coffee maker that comes with a thermal cup. And apparently you just put the water in a permanent filter then make the coffee in the 15 ounce cup that said thermal cup comes with. At least that’s my perception of said contraption without having ever seen anything like it. While I was on the phone with this particular friend of mine I received an email from one of my state NFB friends. And in the email that said NFB friend had sent me he told me about a scholarship that I may be able to apply for in order to attend this state’s NFB convention this October. So I looked over that particular scholarship application and after looking over said application I still had one question. So I sent an email to the Scholarship Chair to ask her if I could still apply for the scholarship even though I’m not a resident of this state yet. Shortly after I’d sent her that particular email I asked my landlords if one of them would take a look at the coffee maker that my friend had sent me. And one of my landlords looked at said coffee maker for me and said that that particular coffee maker is legit. Shortly after I’d had one of my landlords look at said coffee maker the sighted friend of mine who’d been helping me with my financial aid stuff told me that he’d submitted the documentation of my residency to the bank that’s partnered with the college I’m going to be attending. A little while later I sent an FB message to someone who attended World Services for the Blind (WSB) at the same time I attended WSB last year. In the FB message that I’d sent him I gave him permission to use the song I created. Because when I first posted the link to that song on my FB page he’d commented on that particular FB status update saying that he liked the song. And I’d replied to that particular comment of his but I’m unsure whether he read said comment or not which is why I sent him an FB message. A little while after I’d sent him an FB message I finished eating the pasta with vegetables that a friend of mine had made for me. Yesterday morning I received a text message from a sighted friend of mine asking if I’d heard of app developers that make games for blind people to play. I texted said friend back saying that I’d heard of the particular app developers she was referring to but that the games that I’ve played by those particular app developers eventually boot people out if those people won’t pay in order to keep playing said game. But anyway said friend told me that she’d been playing Air Hockey by those app developers. I texted her again saying that I love playing Air Hockey so would have to check out the blind-person friendly version of said game. After I’d exchanged text messages with said friend I called my doctor’s office. And when you call said office there are options that you can press to be connected to different people. And I pressed the correct number to be connected to medical records.but when the correct number is pressed for that particular department all the phone system does is loop back and forth repeatedly. So I pressed zero to speak with someone at the front desk. And when someone at the front desk came on the line I told the lady I spoke with that I wanted to know the status of a couple things. So I first told her that I’d like to know what the status currently is of me getting the wheelchair I need. And she told me that we’re waiting for my insurance company to approve of said wheelchair. And as much as I hate the waiting game for things I’m happy to know that my doctor’s office didn’t waste any time moving the process of getting this wheelchair forward. I then asked the lady I spoke with if my doctor’s office had received a fax from my primary insurance company. The lady asked me what the fax was going to be of and I told her that my primary insurance company was going to fax a transportation form so that said insurance company could pay for my medically-related transportation. She informed me that my doctor’s office would call me once that particular business had received that particular fax. A little while after I’d gotten off the phone with a lady at my doctor’s office I sent an email to a couple people who work in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at the college I’m going to be attending. In the email that I’d sent a couple people in the OSD at the college I’m going to be attending I told them that I’m going to be taking English 100A in the summer semester because I need a refresher, given that I’ve been out of school for 11 years. Shortly after I’d sent that particular email to people in the OSD I received a text message from my NFB friend who’d agreed to write a letter for me justifying to my VRC why I need him to continue to pay for my AIRA subscription. A little while later I commented on an FB post that the friend of mine had made who I’d recently sent an FB message to. In the comment I’d posted on an FB status update that he’d written I told him that I’d love to hear my song played on an internet radio station that he’s going to be hosting soon. Shortly after I’d posted my comment on that particular FB status update that said friend had made, said friend replied to my comment encouraging me to email him my song. So I replied to that particular reply of his to let him know that I’d sent him an FB message giving him permission to use my song on his internet radio station. In that same comment I’d posted on said friend’s FB status update I also asked him to give me his email address so that I could email him my song. But for some reason I thought that I’d have to get the friend who’d collaborated on the song with me to email me the song. However I quickly remembered that I have the song on my MacBook Pro so I tried to email it to him using the mail app that’s on my MacBook Pro. But for some reason I’d been signed out of my default email account. It was actually within the last week that I’d gotten signed out of my default email account. I just didn’t fix things until today. But once I’d fixed things I was able to email my song to the friend who’s going to have an internet radio station. Shortly after I’d emailed said friend my song I took a shower. I still haven’t gotten used to the way this shower head practically sticks all the way to the back of the shower. And I even have my shower chair positioned all the way at the back of the shower too. So I have to lean forward all the way when I’ve shampooed my hair just so that I can wash my hair without water getting on my hair as I’m washing it. A little while later I downloaded the Air Hockey game that a friend had told me about earlier in the day…and you have to use headphones with said game. Call it a weird quirk or whatever but I’m not a fan of having to use headphones to play games. So I deleted that particular game after I’d discovered that you have to play the game using headphones. I then went to MTV’s website where I looked up Catfish The TV Show. And I found out that that particular show does have a 7th season. But I’d originally logged onto MTV’s website to watch previous seasons of Catfish The TV Show. However it didn’t seem possible to watch previous seasons of said show. Then MTV’s website wanted me to sign in with my TV provider information…but I don’t pay for TV so I’m not going to go that route right now. Because I always feel awkward asking either of my landlords for things, no matter what said things happen to be. As I’ve said before it’s just awkward living in someone else’s house, in someone else’s space. So anyway that’s why I didn’t want to ask either of my landlords for their TV provider information just yet. So I signed into MTV’s website using my FB account and I have 24 hours to use MTV’s website to watch whatever I want to. So we’ll see how that goes. While I was watching an episode of Catfish The TV Show a friend of mine called me. During his and my conversation with one another I received an email. So I opened up the mail app that’s on my phone to find out whether the email I’d received was addressed to me or whether said email was sent to multiple people. It turned out that the email I’d received was from the Scholarship Chair. And in the email she’d sent me she asked me three additional questions that she said the scholarship committee would need answers to before I’d be told whether I could apply for said scholarship or not. The three questions were whether I was in my second year of college, whether I was in this state temporarily and whether I lived in a certain county. I emailed her back right then to let her know that I’d be starting my first semester of college this summer, that I do live in the particular county the scholarships are being given to and that this state is my permanent home. A little while after I’d sent her that email I went to have dinner at a pizza place with a friend. On our way to the pizza place though the Uber driver we had did not know much English at all. When my friend asked him if we were close to arriving at the pizza place the Uber driver did not understand what my friend meant. Then when we’d arrived at the pizza place and asked the Uber driver where exactly the pizza place was located he could not speak enough English to communicate with us in a way that was helpful. So my friend and I ended up just walking straight ahead and thankfully the pizza place was right there. Once my friend and I’d gotten inside the pizza place we shared a pizza with barbecue sauce on it instead of marinara sauce. We also had barbecue chicken on the pizza. The pizza place even had Mr. Pibb (a soda that tastes better than Dr Pepper in my opinion). So I had to indulge in that particular drink…and honestly, now that I rarely drink soda as a whole I’m able to enjoy soda more when I do drink it. Shortly after my friend and I’d settled into our seats at a table a guy randomly said something like “Excuse me, I have a blind relative and was wondering if you know that there are ways to fold your money?” My friend’s response was “Yes I do know that. I’m just lazy so I don’t use the methods that are available to blind people.” I couldn’t believe that a complete stranger felt that it would be okay for him to insert himself into the situation. Like, he even said “Well I figured that you knew that but I thought I’d tell you just in case you didn’t know.” Shortly after that stranger said his peace, conversation with him was interesting. Because my friend asked him what his blind relative does for work. And his answer to that particular question was “I don’t know what he does for a living.” And honestly that particular answer is commonly given by people when we ask them what their blind relative does for work. It’s sad, really. This morning when I went to the kitchen to put my leftover pizza into the refrigerator one of my landlords asked me whether I’d found any house slippers yet that I could wear with my leg braces. And of course I told him that I hadn’t. I then went into my room and wrote an FB post that reads as follows “Okay I’m going to talk about something that is hurtful beyond words. You have been warned. If you are someone who does not like reading things that are not happy all the time then stop reading now. I’ve worn leg braces from the time I was a newborn. There were several years that I’d stopped wearing leg braces because my mom stopped paying for them. And the years without my leg braces were some of the shittiest years of my life. I fell several times a week, I was in excruciating pain, it sucked!! Fast-forward to April/May 2015 when I was told by several medical professionals that I would not be able to live a full or productive life unless I started wearing leg braces again. It’s as if I was given permission to fight for myself and what I needed. And I fought and I fought and I fought and I fought to get myself leg braces again. Fast-forward to April 19th 2016 when I got leg braces. Life was great!! I was able to stand at my full height…which I’ve never been able to do. I was able to feel safe and secure when I walked…and the chronic pain that was so awful when I didn’t wear leg braces was significantly lessened. So to be told repeatedly that you should find house slippers to wear instead of your leg braces, that hurts…deeply!!! That’s like telling a person with one leg not to use their one working leg!!! That’s like telling someone in a wheelchair “We don’t allow wheelchairs in this house.” These leg braces are part of the package that is me…and if you are someone who’s telling me to stop wearing things that enhance my quality of life, I will walk away, no matter what your reason is. I understand that my landlords have a baby that crawls on the floor…but the solution should not be to tell someone to stop using their mobility aids. The solution should be to keep your baby in an area where he is safe from what goes on the floor…or another solution could be to watch your baby and make sure that he doesn’t crawl on the floor to begin with…because floors are usually dirty!!! I’m human. Being made to feel punished for having a physical disability hurts…it makes me want to cry and ask “Why me? Not cool. The struggle is real.” And after writing that particular FB post I did cry. I then talked to a friend of mine and asked him if I could hang out with him once he’s finished with school for the day. Fortunately he said that would be fine. A little while later I went to my website to post this blog entry…and nothing was there. Like, everything had literally disappeared!! So I immediately contacted the guy who’d helped me make my website to tell him what I’d discovered. He was shocked just like I was. Fortunately though he was able to recover my website in its full form. Hopefully that sort of thing doesn’t happen again. I was freaking out!!! Today just isn’t my day! I wish there was a such thing as a do-over. A little while after my website was up and running the friend whose place I was going again to hang out at said he’d finished school for the day. So I packed my backpack full of things then left my place. So I’m here at my friend’s place just hanging out with him. I ended up having to use AIRA on my phone at my friend’s place because he needed help figuring out the kind of Keurig that’s here. So when I called AIRA using my phone the agent who’d answered my call was the same AIRA agent I’d spoken with the first time I ever called AIRA which was neat. And when I told my friend that I knew exactly who this AIRA agent was, said AIRA agent was happy to hear that she could make a difference in my life again. Fortunately she was able to tell me what the name was of the Keurig that’s at my friend’s place. She was also able to email me the necessary information about the Keurig like the price of that particular Keurig, the Keurig’s brand name and how many ounces of water that particular Keurig can hold. Being able to use AIRA really made my day because I’m really upset that my landlords are being so fucking difficult about my physical disability which is out of my control. It sucks but I’m going to do what I have to do, meaning that I’m going to get the fuck out of there ASAP. A little while later I was talking with a friend of mine about whether or not I should wait to post this particular blog entry since there’s a lot of updates in it. I shared with my friend that I’m really uncomfortable with the way the situation with my landlords is turning out. But my friend told me that I shouldn’t be fearful of anything because I’m a writer and I’m all about telling the truth, my whole truth…and I know that my friend is right in saying what he’d said.

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