Finishing season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, podcast thoughts and other reflections

In an episode of Hidden Brain that was political in nature, Shankar Vedantam talked with a couple people about how an individual’s political beliefs are influenced by the ways in which they think about issues that we’re facing and issues that we have faced in society. I loved hearing this perspective because it’s something I hadn’t thought directly of, before. I mean, I have many beliefs that indicate my affiliation with a particular political party over another, but I’ve never actually thought something like “I vote blue so this is how I have to believe.” But rather, I think about and have thought about specific issues in-depth…and along with that, I ultimately believe what logically makes the most sense to me. So for example, the issue of people who are citizens of other countries, coming to the United States to create a better life for themselves and their families, is a no-brainer: those people have just as much right to be here in the US, as those of us who were born here do. People from other countries are not trying to take anything of ours that they should not have. In fact, they, like us, know that they deserve to live happily. And this particular issue is just one example of how I agree with the thought that one’s beliefs about things is what informs each individual’s political beliefs or lack thereof.

And yet another hot-button example of how my beliefs about issues happening in our world, influence where I stand politically, is true equality. I believe that everyone in the world deserves the same rights, whether people are in unconventional relationships, whether people are in the LGBTQ+ community, whether or not people subscribe to a particular religion or no religion at all…and on and on. All of these things I’ve mentioned here, are things that I passionately believe should actually be our lived realities. This particular issue, just like the one I mentioned above, is also a no-brainer to me. I don’t have to think hard to come to the conclusion that every single person in the world deserves to have the same exact rights. Put another way though, gay people deserve to have the same rights for their marriages that heterosexual folks have for theirs. This is not an opinion, it’s a fact.

In my last blog entry, I realize that I didn’t specifically tell you folks what Mom’s memorial was like. So first of all, Mom’s husband and one of their boys shared stories of their life with her. And then the person leading the event encouraged others to share things with everyone, if they’d like to do so. And while I’m usually a great public speaker, speaking at this event to the entire crowd was just not something I’d wanted to do. I mean, quite frankly, I also didn’t think I could speak well then because my tears would flow constantly, without stopping. But another thing, was that I honestly didn’t want to tell the world the story of how Mom had affected my life. Because I don’t believe that the whole world needs to know that part of my story.

Also, in the last blog entry I’d posted, I didn’t talk about the fact that I’d come up with a plan to interact with my ex-boyfriend as little as possible. Because my ex-boyfriend actually introduced someone to me who’s now one of my local best friends. And so needless to say, this local best friend of mine, is one of the children of the woman I called “Mom.” But as far as I know, my ex-boyfriend rarely associated with my best friend’s family. Like, my best friend and I became closer to one another than my best friend has ever been to my ex-boyfriend. But that being said, I was pretty confident that my ex-boyfriend would show up to the celebration of Mom’s life, if for no other reason than to show his support for our mutual friend. But also, I figured that my ex-boyfriend may show up at this event because he’d figured that I’d be there. So needless to say, I’d had several conversations with this mutual friend of ours, because I wanted to ensure that I had a back-up plan because I’d rather be safe than sorry. And also, I’d thought long and hard about the boundaries I’d want to set for myself because again, I didn’t want to find myself in a sticky situation with my ex-boyfriend.

And so, the way I’d wanted things to play out, was that if I interacted with my ex-boyfriend, I didn’t want any kind of touch from him, other than a handshake. I also didn’t want to say much of anything to him, other than short, meaningless things like “hi” and “how are you?” And fortunately for my sake, things ended up turning out exactly how I’d wanted them to which was a nice surprise. But even so, the few seconds that I did interact with my ex boyfriend, were incredibly uncomfortable for me. And TBH, I’m hopeful that if I happen to run into him again sometime in the future, that our interactions with each other will be less awkward for me. Because I want nothing to do with him, ever again.

In addition to people sharing stories with each other about Mom at her memorial, there was a band at the event that played live music; the people in the band had known the host family for a long time. And the music that this band played, was great; I loved the singer’s voice and the way the band as a whole sounded. The banter between the musicians and singer made me smile too.

In season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, there’s a part where The Academy of Unseen Arts is putting on a talent show. And in said talent show, Sabrina’s warlock boyfriend Nick pretends that he’s a magician. And one of the things he does to help him pull these tricks off, is have students at The Academy volunteer to participate in his magic tricks. And Sabrina happens to be one of the witches who volunteers; but the magic trick she volunteers to help Nick with, goes horribly wrong. And Sabrina ends up getting badly hurt; and then a bit later on in the show, we the viewers learn that Sabrina comes back to life good as new.

Something else that happens in season two of this show, that stood out to me, was that one of Sabrina’s aunts was proposed to by Father Blackwood (who is the High Priest at The Academy of Unseen Arts). And so then, given that Sabrina had been trying to avoid Father Blackwood herself at all costs, she did everything she could to try and stop the wedding between him and Sabrina’s aunt from happening. Because as this part of the show goes on, we the viewers eventually find out that Father Blackwood has the aunt of Sabrina’s that he’s married to, completely under his control. And so Sabrina and her other aunt work with each other to undo the enchantment that’s been put on Father Blackwood’s new wife. And the way that the two of them undo the enchantment, is by altering a music box that contains a figurine of Sabrina’s aunt that happens to be Father Blackwood’s wife. So Sabrina and her other aunt smash the figurine to pieces…and that’s what ultimately broke the enchantment that Father Blackwood had put in place.

And then later on in season two of this show, Sabrina figures out that Ms. Wardwell who was a teacher at Baxter High as well as a principle at Baxter High, has been the one who’s been controlling every evil thing that Sabrina has done. Sabrina also figures out that the reason that Ms. Wardwell has been doing this, is because she (Ms. Wardwell) wants Sabrina to make a prediction come true that she (Ms. Wardwell) has known about for some time. And so Sabrina and her cousin Ambrose work with each other to determine whether there’s a way for them to create an evil twin of Sabrina, in the hopes that having an evil twin could fool Ms. Wardwell. And fortunately, Sabrina and Ambrose are successful in creating an evil Sabrina; but neither the good Sabrina nor Ambrose, realizes that there’s actually an evil Sabrina in the world now…until the evil Sabrina starts creating evil clones of Sabrina’s friends and otherwise putting the good Sabrina’s loved ones in danger. And then as if these things aren’t complicated enough, it turns out that what we the viewers think is Ms. Wardwell, is actually Lilith (the Queen of Hell). And also, it turns out that Lilith is competing with Sabrina in a sense because she (Lilith) wants to be the one who is the Dark Lord’s greatest sidekick.

And yet another thing that happens in season two of this show, that I completely forgot about, was the fact that Sabrina and Harvey’s friend Rosalind (or Roz for short) has a heartfelt conversation with Sabrina. The conversation that Roz and Sabrina had that I’m referring to, was about Roz having lost her eyesight. And more specifically, during this conversation, Roz wanted to know if there was any way that Sabrina could restore her eyesight. Sabrina tells Roz that she can indeed bring it back…and Harvey, Theo, Sabrina and Roz, all crowd into a bathroom at Baxter High (their high school). And once Roz splashes her face and eyes with water, Sabrina tells her that she should have her eyesight back. And thankfully, Roz did get her eyesight back.

But as someone who’s blind myself, I can’t stand the premise of ‘blind person equals defective person’; and in fact, I’m pretty sure that folks who are actually blind didn’t come up with this particular part of this show. Or if blind people were involved with this particular decision, they were most likely blind people who’d take the opportunity to have their eyesight back, if they could do so. And that’s interesting to me because I myself wouldn’t choose to have my eyesight back, if I were ever given an opportunity to. Because the thing is, there wouldn’t be any way for anyone to tell me for certain, that I’d be able to see again. And so, that being said, I’d hate to take such a serious risk, knowing that said risk may not even work. And yes, I’m saying this as someone who misses having eyesight, every single day of my life.

To elaborate on why I wouldn’t ever want to have my eyesight back, there’s a hell of a lot more that would go into that process that people don’t think about. Or if they do think about it extensively, they never say that they do. But what I mean, in saying that this issue is far more complicated than simply regaining one’s eyesight, is that one’s brain would also have to make huge adjustments to such a change. So even though someone who’s regained their eyesight may see an object placed directly in front of them, he or she won’t necessarily know what said object is, not to mention the fact that the learning process itself would have to start from square one. And quite frankly, starting over would not be something that I’d willingly want to put myself through. I mean, hell, I’ve already had to relearn how to do things after going completely blind…and that particular challenge was difficult enough to deal with. And that change was not something I ever expected to happen in my life, most especially because doctors always said that I’d never lose my vision. But the thing I know now though, is that doctors are human and therefore, they are not always correct in the things they think or predict will happen in other human beings’ lives.

Another thing in season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that stands out to me, was the fact that we the viewers learn that Nick who’s also a student at The Academy of Unseen Arts, was forced by the Dark Lord to become close to Sabrina. This particular thing happening, was not something I remembered though, TBH. But even so, seeing it again made me sad. Like, up until this point, I’d thought for sure that the connection between Sabrina and Nick was totally genuine. But interestingly, as we the viewers find out this truth, we as the viewers also know that Sabrina has gone against the Dark Lord herself, in later episodes of the show. And this conversation between Sabrina and Nick, regarding Nick being influenced by the Dark Lord, Sabrina tells Nick that you can, indeed, challenge the things that the Dark Lord wants you to do. And that particular detail, is definitely one that I hadn’t recognized before.

In Childfree by Choice, someone created a topic asking how many CF folks are CF due to medical reasons. The response I wrote to that thread reads:
I’m also someone who’s child free, mostly for medical-related reasons. I have numerous chronic health conditions and multiple disabilities that all make it hard as hell for me to care for myself…so there’s no way in hell I’d want to put another human being through this shittiness I’ve been dealt.

In this same FB group, someone posted a thread about families forcing teenage children to give birth to fetuses/why the original poster of this topic feels that that is wrong to do. My response to this thread reads:
It’s sickening, really, that people would rather force teenagers to have kids, rather than encouraging them to get abortions so that they can continue to be teenagers. I remember that this exact thing happened with the R&B singer Brandy; she got pregnant in her early 20s and her family cared more about protecting their image as “Christian” folks, than they cared about just being truthful. And so while I’m a fan of most of her music, I don’t like the fact that she lied…just because she thought that the world would no longer accept her if they knew that she’d had a baby out of wedlock. Such fucking hypocrites…

So I’m realizing that I really screwed myself, in deciding to have a class at my college’s smaller campus. And why I say that, is because I’ve never actually been to that campus prior to last week. And the thing is, there’s no Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) on that campus and then there’s the fact that since going to school later today will literally be my second time there, I have no idea where anything is. And that’s going to make things even tougher on me.