30 Things I can’t stand, that most people like/love

I recently participated in this FB game where people listed things that they can’t stand, that other folks actually really like. I’ve amended my initial list and added more to it. But first, I want to let folks know that these are in the order in which I thought of them; other than that, they aren’t in order of subject matter.
So with that being said, what I wrote reads:
1. Camping.
2. Spicy food of any kind…and just to clarify, by spicy food, I mean food so hot that you can’t even taste the food’s actual flavor.
3. The Netflix show Tiger King.
4. Going to church.
5. Summer.
6. Hair spray, perfume and cologne all make me have trouble breathing if they are in my immediate vacinity/if someone has put too much of these things on.
7. Licorice of any kind.
8. Religion of any kind.
9. Owning pets.
10. Raisins.
11. Bananas.
12. Sports, both participating in them and watching them.
13. The show called The Office.
14. Broccoli.
15. Going to beaches, swimming pools, hot tubs ETC.
16. Drinking alcohol.
17. Heavy metal/death metal.
18. Singing.
19. Going to museums, art galleries ETC.
20. Country, classical and opera music.
21. Kids/babies.
22. Horror movies, shows ETC.
23. Bowling.
24. Playing Scrabble.
25. Mustard.
26. McDonald’s chicken nuggets.
27. Taco Bell.
28. Barbecue chicken as a pizza topping.
29. Onions on salads.
30. Anchovies.