Reasons why I never want to have, or raise, kids

I have no desire to go through pregnancy.
I don’t want to be responsible for a human being other than myself, in any way, shape or form.
I thoroughly enjoy the myriad ways that I can deeply and lovingly connect with people, that have nothing whatsoever to do with kids.
I had a shitty childhood and therefore I now want to give myself the best possible life I can.
I thoroughly enjoy doing adult things, like having sex whenever I want to and being able to love romantic partners/to do things with them and only them.
The fact that I won’t even have to think about losing my identity as an individual, the way that parents often lose theirs when kids are in the picture.
The fact that I believe that motherhood is not meant for every single woman who exists.
The fact that I love spending the little bit of money I do have after bills, on myself and on folks that I care about.
The fact that I’m honest enough to admit that it’s hard enough to take care of myself, at times.
The fact that I flat out don’t believe that having kids is an accomplishment/something that’s praise-worthy.
The fact that I believe that my life is meaningful because I say it is, rather than allowing society to tell me how to feel about my choice not to have kids.
The fact that I’m the only one in my life who creates meaning, and that this also holds true for every other individual in the world.
The fact that I firmly believe that my worth is not tied up in what my vagina can physically do.