Some questions on my spiritual awakening journey

In the Claircognizance FB group I’m in, someone recently posted a topic asking group members to help them with a project for their school. They said that they have a list of questions that they were looking for detailed answers to…and being that I’m a writer, who also loves helping people whenever I can, I jumped on this opportunity.
So below, I’ve posted the questions and my answers to each of them. There are only four questions and answers…but as I said, they’re lengthy. I hope that folks enjoy reading them, at least as much as I enjoyed filling them out!!
Question 1: when did you discover that you were going through a spiritual awakening and how did you become aware that you had spiritual gifts?
Answer 1: I’ve always known that I was worlds different from people, in that I had awareness on some level that I felt things far more deeply than others did. But yet, I knew that this particular thing was complex and probably not something that I could openly discuss with people. But in another sense, as I’m thinking back on the ability I have to deeply feel others, I feel like said ability helped me through the years of abuse that I suffered at the hands of both sides of my family of origin. And what I mean by that, is that even a small part of me felt like I was special because I had this ability. Because it was obvious to me that most people didn’t experience the world feeling people’s every emotion/inherent goodness or ugliness, as I did. But that being said, I’m not a spiritual person. However I’d say that two years ago was when I started to have an awakening about the fact that I had uncommon abilities. This was also the time when I first learned of the word empath and started to discover that I was an empath myself. I learned about this through having friends who knew that they were empaths and who also had the language to explain this concept to me. Soon after I’d started learning about this gift in particular, I joined groups on Facebook where I knew I could unite and feel like I belong with others who have this gift. And one of these empath-specific Facebook groups was ultimately where I discovered that I havve other “abilities” in addition to being an empath.

Question 2: how do you feel knowing you have these abilities? And do you think that everyone possesses these abilities?
Answer 2: before I had language and knowledge about the various abilities that I have, I felt confused and like I was deranged. I also felt isolated and lonely because I knew in my heart then that no one would understand this difference about me. But then, fast-forwarding to two years ago when I began to learn that actually, there were tons of people with gifts like being an empath and Claircognizance, I felt a huge sense of relief. But yet, there are also times when the knowing AKA Claircognizance happens in my life…and it freaks me the hell out because it always happens so randomly. And sometimes, the knowing is super detailed; and other times, I can just literally feel in my own body, what people around me are going through. And honestly, sometimes I feel like these abilities are burdens to me. But then I realize and think about how these abilities allow me to deeply connect with others, in ways that perhaps they don’t even understand that there’s language to explain these concepts. And lately I’ve been embracing that I have these abilities because I now have a deep understanding of how these abilities can be used on my journey of self-betterment. But also, I can use these abilities to help make the world a more compassionate and loving place where others can thrive.

Question 3: do you use your abilities in everyday life? If you do, how?
Answer 3: As far as me using my abilities in everyday life, that’s hard to say. Because for one thing, it isn’t like I think to myself “it’s time to turn on these uncommon abilities that you have…and to turn them on right now.” But then again, as I’m thinking about it, I would say that using my abilities is so second-nature to me now, that using them just…naturally happens. And so yes, sometimes I use them to determine the energy of someone I care about. Like, there are times that it’s obvious to me that someone is having a hard time in some way, shape or form. But I’ve really learned how to harness these abilities of mine in such a way that I can immediately assess the person’s headdspace/troubles and then have an exact awareness about whether it would be safe for me to push for more details or not. I’m even getting to a point where I can let people know that I know what’s going on in a compassionate way, without them feeling like they have to talk about it.

Question 4: how do you think experiencing a spiritual awakening and having these abilities can help someone?
Answer 4: while I’ve touched on how I think the abilities I have can be used for the greater good of the world at large, as well as for myself, I can use what some people refer to as my “healing energy” to show people that no matter what their demons are, they are not misunderstood by every human being. I also know that for myself, being on this awakening journey these last two years has allowed me to grow as a person in ways I never even knew were possible. As I’ve said in my previous answers, I’ve found a community of other folks who like me, have these kinds of abilities. And within this community, we all support each other wherever we are at any given time. And that in itself is huge because personally, I love being on this awakening journey which constantly teaches me about myself and how deeply and fully I can love others.