My review of JoJo’s “Good To Know” album

My over all thoughts on JoJo’s latest album called “Good To Know:” initially when I’d heard that this album was only going to have 9 songs on it, I was not happy. Because personally, I love when albums have more songs than that on them; like, I think that 15 songs is a great number of tracks to have on albums. But that being said, JoJo’s latest album has shown me the importance of giving artists wiggle room because for this 9-track album in particular, every single song on it is quality. Like, I literally don’t skip any of the songs on this album. But also, I’m just so incredibly proud to see where JoJo has been and where she’s going. This album in particular, is definitely her best creation yet!! For one thing, many of the songs on the album are about sex; but also, I just love the instrumentation of each song, along with JoJo’s voice over all. Like, she has this ability to know exactly how much volume to add when and where…and how to keep herself vulnerable for the entire time too.

Track #1: “So Bad:” I love how this track starts off with a simple piano-beat and then we as the listeners unexpectedly hear JoJo’s voice come into the song right with the over all instrumentation of the song. This song is definitely one of my favorite ones on the album; I love not only its message but also, JoJo’s harmonies are on point. I mean, her harmonies are on-point throughout the album as a whole…but this song in particular is sexy as fuck!! I love how JoJo is unafraid to sing about grownup topics like sex..and I wish that this song/album as a whole could be the model for other artists and musicians to do the same…because sex is amazing.

Track #2: “Pedialyte:” something that makes this song interesting right off the bat, is the fact that the word “pedialyte” is not actually in the song. But another thing that makes this song awesome, is the fact that it changes its tempo in certain parts. So like, for most of the song, the tempo is kinda upbeat, I’d say. But then towards the end of the song, there’s an unexpected tempo change, to a much faster beat. There’s also a lot of bass throughout this part of the song that can really be heard well, once the song’s tempo has actually changed.

Track #3: “Gold:” this song was not necessarily one of my favorite ones on the album…but as I’ve continued to listen to it, it has definitely grown on me. Like, I love JoJo’s vocal sensuality that’s sprinkled throughout the song…and the way the song’s instrumentation just makes the song flow smoothly.

Track #4: “Man:” this song was the first single off this album. And honestly, I loved it from the very first time I’d heard it. I vividly remember that before this album actually came out, JoJo and a fansite of JoJo’s kept tweeting one particular snippet of the song. And every time I’d hear this snippet, I’d feel like I was going to go crazy because it sounded so lovely. But the thing was, the snippit was just part of the song’s instrumentation; it didn’t have JoJo actually singing in it. And TBH, I feel like both JoJo and this particular fansite of hers using that particular part of this song was intentional…and it certainly worked, in terms of making me like the song right away.

Track #5: “Small Things:” I’ve loved this song since the very first time I’d heard it. It’s one of the ballads on this album and it has great instrumentation throughout it. The guitar parts in particular though, are some of my favorite parts about the song as a whole.

Track #6: “Lonely Hearts:” this song was the second single off this album…and this song has had the opposite affect on me as other songs have. And what I mean by that, is that when this song was first released, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. And I can’t even explain why that was how the song hit me. But interestingly, the more I’ve listened to this song, the more the song has actually grown on me which I think is a nice change.

Track #7: “Think About You:” this song is definitely one of my favorite ones on this album. I love its piano parts and its over all beat. I even think I hear a rain stick throughout the chorus of the song…and rain sticks are literally one of my favorite sounds ever in the world. So hopefully at some point, I can find out if I’m right about that particular sound being in the song or not.

Track #8: “Comeback:” this song features Tory Lanez and 30 Roc, two artists I’d never heard of before this song was released. But before I speak on the two of these artists in terms of what they each bring to this song, I want to say that before we as JoJo fans knew that there was going to be people featured on the song, I was personally super excited at the knowledge that there weren’t going to be any collaborations on JoJo’s latest album. Because given the fact that she’d worked so fucking hard to get to where she felt good about releasing this particular album, I didn’t want any of her shine to be stolen by any potential people who might be featured on it. And so, when I very first heard that Tory Lanez and 30 Roc would be featured on this song, I was disappointed. A big reason for why I was disappointed which I haven’t mentioned yet, was because I’d been reading tweets of JoJo’s and tweets from a huge JoJo fansite, both of which made it clear that the song “Comeback” was going to be one of the most sexual songs on the album. But all this being said, I was incredibly surprised when the album came out and I heard Tory Lanez and 30 Roc’s verses on the song. Like, their parts on it blessed my ears…and it felt great to be as in love with this song as I was and am.

Track #9: “Don’t Talk Me Down:” this song is probably the slowest song tempo-wise on the entire album; and honestly, it isn’t one of my favorite songs on said album. I mean, I do like the song and I do think it’s awesome that JoJo learned how to play it on the piano. But for whatever reason, I’m not quite as moved by this song as other folks seem to be. At least, that’s how I feel about it right now.