Assorted thoughts on Once Upon a Time, and taking a survey for school

As I’ve said in other blog entries, I’m writing about things in the show Once Upon a Time that have strong effects on me as I’m watching the show for the second time around. But I’m not necessarily putting the topics in chronological order, as that would take entirely too much effort. And quite frankly, it can be hard enough for me to write things down about the show as it is, and as I remember them. But that being said, I’m keeping good enough track of things and characters within the stories that I do my best to only write up to wherever I’ve currently stopped in the show. And so, without further ado, enjoy my writings on literally my favorite show EVER!!

Something in Once Upon a Time that I want to write about here, is the story of Pinocchio; well, the twists of this story within Once Upon a Time. And so within this particular story, a fairy turns Pinocchio into an actual boy, after he’d been made from wood by his father. But because Pinocchio didn’t stop his habit of lying, even though he’d told the fairy he would, he ended up nearly returning back to wood in the end. But the twists that Once Upon a Time tells about Pinocchio, were that if Pinocchio made Emma believe in the fairytales of Storybrooke, he could become an actual boy again…for the rest of his life. But in the end, Henry was the one who was able to actually make Emma believe in these stories.

But how Henry ultimately did this, was by biting into a poisonous apple that his mom Regina meant for his other mom, Emma, to bite into. But anyway, the reason that Henry bites into the poisonous apple himself, is because he knows that that particular gesture is the only one that will make Emma realize that she’s meant to save the town of Storybrooke. But all that being said, this entire scene is hard for me to watch, mostly because I feel sad seeing Henry in the hospital…and knowing that Emma’s not believing in these fairytales, was what put him at the hospital in the first place. But also, the moment where Emma realizes that she has what’s called “light magic,” is super emotional for me. This particular thing happens when Emma is visiting Henry in the hospital; she’s reading him part of the book of fairytales that he (Henry) has been trying to get her to believe in. And then, Emma unexpectedly figures out that her having love for Henry is what will break this curse that Henry is under. And so, once she realizes that, and then once she tearfully says outloud that she loves Henry, he (Henry) awakens and is back to being himself again.

But going back to the actor who plays grown-up Pinocchio for a bit, this particular actor also plays the character named August in Once Upon a Time. And as this show goes on, we the viewers find out that August goes to the town of Storybrooke because he (august) is the one who’s been tasked with informing Emma that she’s this town’s savior. But as I’ve said in the previous paragraph, August is unsuccessful at that particular thing. But as the show continues, we the viewers see August interacting with Henry, and if we really think about things between Henry and August, it may occur to us that there’s more to this part of the story. And in fact, this is exactly what happens: at one point in the show, Henry and Regina are talking to each other…and Henry explains to Regina that he knows that August is a writer/that August had edited this book of fairytales that this show is based off of. And so, from that point on, Regina and Henry work together to get to the bottom of how these stories can be rewritten.

Something else in Once Upon a Time that I want to write about, is that throughout this show, we the viewers see Regina/the Evil Queen morph from one character into other characters. In fact, there’s even at least one more character that Regina/the Evil Queen morphs into in Once Upon a Time…but I don’t want to talk about that character until I see said other character(s) in the show which happens much later on, if my memory serves correctly. So for now, I want to focus specifically on how there are times in this series when Regina seems like she might actually stop being the Evil Queen. And what gets her thinking that this change might actually be possible for her to follow through with, is the fact that Henry wants her to be a better person. So we the viewers see flashbacks of when the Evil Queen ruled the land, as well as current times, and even past times, when Regina was not the Evil Queen yet…or she was still a child. But as much as I too, would love to see her become a good person, I can tell through and through that that literally isn’t something she’s capable of being. And that makes it heartbreaking to me, to repeatedly watch how Henry interacts with Regina/the Evil Queen…and how he (Henry) is forced to constantly change his actions and reactions based on whatever Regina/the Evil Queen does or doesn’t do.

Another thing in Once Upon a Time that stands out to me, is that in addition to there being fairytale characters in this show, there are also Disney characters in the show. And in fact, one of the evil characters ends up being Peter Pan. We the viewers eventually learn that Peter Pan also happens to be Rumpelstiltskin’s father. And I’d say that that particular reveal in the show is huge, mostly because Rumpelstiltskin, Henry and others’ actions and reactions, are prompted by Peter Pan himself. So for example, Peter Pan takes Henry to Neverland, by making his (Peter Pan’s) shadow take Henry from whichever house he (Henry) is at, at the time this particular thing takes place. And so, that’s why Emma, her mom and dad who are Snow White and Prince Charming along with other characters, devise a plan to get Henry back to Storybrooke.

Another example of how these characters’ actions and reactions dictate what happens in the show, is that Rumpelstiltskin’s powerfulness leads him to communicate with a being that can predict what happens in the future. And so, as it turns out, when Rumpelstiltskin goes to Neverland on the false pretense of wanting to retrieve Henry, he (Rumpelstiltskin) actually plans to kill Henry…because the being who’d told him (Rumpelstiltskin) that Henry will cause Rumpelstiltskin damage that cannot be repaired, was telling the truth. But fortunately, Henry didn’t die when he was in Neverland. But what Henry did endure while he was in Neverland, was Peter Pan’s continuous taunting. Like, Peter Pan would act like he was being friendly towards Henry, only to fill Henry’s head with falsehoods, like that Henry’s family doesn’t actually care about him. In fact, Peter Pan puts things of this nature into Emma’s head as well, as his (Peter Pan’s) objective is to turn Henry, Emma and their entire family against each other.

In addition to playing Rumpelstiltskin, this particular actor plays other evil characters, according to whichever realm he’s in at any given time. So sometimes he’s Rumpelstiltskin, other times he’s the Dark One and yet other times he’s Mr. Gold. And in all of these different realms that each of these characters are a part of, whichever evil being is in the forefront, the one thing that remains consistent, is that this actor plays evil characters. That being said, it can kinda get confusing to keep up with which character he is when, as there are so many flashbacks of all of these characters throughout this show. But I think that it’s important for me to mention these differences, as the show goes on, so that readers of my blog aren’t confused.

In Once Upon a Time, there are two sisters; one of their names is Elsa and the other one’s name is Anna. One of these sisters has magical power that she doesn’t know how to control; but something interesting about this part of the storyline, is that these sisters find an aunt that they were not even aware they had. But it turns out that this aunt of theirs is evil; she (the evil Aunt Ingrid) does whatever she can to try to turn the town of Storybrooke against one another. And honestly, for awhile, we the viewers do think that Ingrid might actually kill Emma and those she (Emma) loves. In fact, Ingrid does manage to create a curse on the town of Storybrooke, in the hopes that all of Storybrooke’s residents (not including Emma, Ingrid and Ingrid’s niece who has special powers) will die. Because Ingrid’s ultimate objective, is for herself, Emma and the niece of Ingrid’s with special powers to all live in unity with one another. But fortunately as the savior, Emma makes sure that that doesn’t happen, by watching Ingrid kill herself. But as much as I’d like to say that Ingrid’s death was the end of that particular story, sadly, that isn’t the case.

But before I talk about other things in Once Upon a Time that have an affect on me the second time that I’m watching said show, I want to write some more about the time that Ingrid had in Storybrooke. Because at first, we the viewers become familiar with her as the Snow Queen; but then as the show goes on, we learn that there’s a ton more to Ingrid’s story than we’re initially lead to believe. Like, there’s a point in Once Upon a Time when Ingrid appears as the Snow Queen and immediately recognizes Emma. After having hearing Ingrid say Emma’s name, someone asks Emma if she knows this mysterious person. But at the time, Emma has no idea who Ingrid actually is. And we the viewers don’t even find out until later on, that Ingrid had told a young child Emma that she (Ingrid) would become Emma’s real family. But another evil thing that Ingrid does while she’s in Storybrooke, is that she tries to convince Emma that she (Emma) could potentially become dark. This bit of knowledge seems to be something that Emma doesn’t want to acknowledge about herself; but the more that she (Emma) interacts with Ingrid, Emma begins to experience darkness within herself. And said darkness becomes so harsh, that Emma isolates herself from everyone in Storybrooke so that she can’t hurt anyone. And then, just as I’ve said in the previous paragraph, there are dark moments in the show’s future, that are brought on by Ingrid’s trying to convince Emma that she (Emma) is truly an awful person.

in the scenes with Ingrid in Once Upon a Time, as we the viewers are watching this complicated mystery unfold, we the viewers are constantly watching Ingrid battle with at least one of her nieces. I say “at least one of her nieces” because the one who has extreme magical powers is eventually put into an object that can contain her evil. I’m pretty sure that that’s what happens; though, I can’t say with certainty, as there’s not much of a dialogue that tells us for sure. There’s probably visual cues, though. Sucks to be blind in this instance, I guess!! LOL.

So, I’m not someone who’s typically into love stories; at least, not in the fairytale kinda sense. But that being said, there are a few couples in Once Upon a Time that I find myself smiling over. One of those couples is Emma and Neil. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with these two folks though, Neil is Emma’s first love that we see in the show. We the viewers first see Neil and Emma together in the context of Neil trying to get away with stealing expensive watches; and then, the next time we see Neil and Emma in a scene together again, is when it’s discovered that Neil is Rumpelstiltskin’s son. And from that point on, assorted things happen to Emma and Neil, both when they’re around each other, as well as when they are with others/by themselves, that keep the two of them apart romantically. But yet, another couple in this show that gets my attention in a good way, is Emma and Captain Hook. And the thing is, as I’ve just indicated, Neil and Emma were lovely together. But even so, there’s just something mildly intriguing about the way Emma and Hook interact with each other. In fact, the way that Emma tries to keep herself from having romantic feelings for Hook, reminds me a lot of the times in my own life that I’ve been that way. And even though I wanted to appear like I didn’t want romantic relationships with others, and even though Emma does the same exact thing in Once Upon a Time, both Emma and I do actually want romantic relationships of ours to work out. But for me, and I’d venture to guess that this is true for Emma too, we think that our lives will be easier if we don’t allow ourselves to get into romantic entanglements with people.

I’ve been forgetting that the college I attend has wanted its students to complete a survey. But thankfully, I finally remembered that it may actually make a difference, if I’m honest in this survey about what a hellish experience this online-learning has been for me. Here is what I wrote, with some modifications made for clarification purposes. I wrote:
I’m totally blind and I’m immune-compromised. For me, this means that the only realistic way for me to participate in school, is for all assignments to be written text that’s done through Canvas or through another source that is accessible with screen reading software. These times are especially hard on me, as even for this spring semester, I had to request an excused withdrawl from my class…as I knew there was no way I could pass the class, given my tricky situation.

In another question on this survey, I added:
As I said earlier in this survey, I’m totally blind; I also am immune-compromised. Both of these things create a huge barrier for me in terms of me being able to participate in school. I have internet access and I have multiple technology-related tools that allow me to be successful in school most of the time…but because I’m both blind and immune-compromised, this Covid19 predicament has and does put me at a very real disadvantage in terms of me furthering my education. You can have all the technological tools in the world, and you can have reliable internet access, both of which I do have…but none of that matters, when you factor into the equation that I’m totally blind and immune-compromised.

The last question on this survey that I answered, was one that asked how I would potentially enroll in classes this upcoming fall semester. The response I wrote to this question reads:
Having all class assignments done using Canvas, PowerPoints/Microsoft Word text documents. That would be the only way that given my personal situation, I would be able to participate in school for the fall 2020 semester.