More Unsolved Mysteries stories, a rant and reflections on my atheism, sexuality and republicans

Yesterday, I made the following post on my Facebook page; but first, I want to say that I’ve added to it, being that this is my blog. What I’ve written reads:
If your response to black lives matter is “all lives matter,” take yourself off of my friends list, NOW. It’s funny how people can post something so insensitive as that particular statement is, yet say that they don’t get into political/religious discussions with people. Like, I’ve literally seen people say both of these things in the same fucking breath!! Give me a fucking break!!! You’re only fooling your damn selves, people. Because even though I’ve sat by silently when you’ve spewed your venom in the past, I refuse to do that from here forward. As a blind person, I have far more vision than you do. Proud. Black lives matter. Don’t be a dick. Human rights are a thing.

And then this morning I followed up with a Facebook post that reads:
Long post ahead, but please stick with me. Since the person who made that insensitive BLM post didn’t remove me from their friend list yesterday like I’d asked them to, I’ve done the deed myself. The older I get, the less I can tolerate bigotry of any kind; like, I’ve tried and tried to understand republicans…and I’ve kep republicans in my life and let them not talk about my gayness, my atheism or my fundamentally different political beliefs…but all of these things are essential parts of who I am…and I don’t want people to silently tolerate them, the way I’ve allowed folks to do in the past. These things about me deserve to be out in the open, just like the rest of me is out in the open.

I don’t fill my timeline with atheist-related things because I don’t like it when people tell me I’m wrong for believing as I do. I’m honest about my atheism though, and everyone on my friends list loves me for me…as far as I know. LOL. But I don’t need nor want to deepthroat folks with this part of myself because my atheism is quite a personal part of my journey. I’ll happily talk about it whenever it comes up, but that’s the extent of it. People know I’m a good person who is unafraid to be her authentic self…and that’s good enough for my tribe. I know many of my friends are deeply religious…and I love them no less for that. Every individual gets to decide for themselves how they want their path to look…and we all should embrace that truth more.

So while I refuse to celebrate the USA flag today, which is the biggest visual symbol I know of that embodies hate, I do celebrate my own independence, and my friends/tribe for being the individuals that they are. I had a chance to write a letter for a friend who’s trying to become a US citizen recently…and I could not have been happier that they trusted me to have their back. I think of my family of origin and of how those folks are the most hate-filled people I’ve ever known. I’ve tried and tried to understand how they arrive to the conclusions that they do, as the extremists that they are…and I’ve finally realized that you can’t make sense out of nonsense. But all this to say, I’m proud of who I am and of who I continue to become. I celebrate myself every day…and I celebrate those I love every day too. So I’m officially saying that today should be renamed to Celebrate You Day!! Love is power. We are all POWERFUL!!! Let’s continue to fuck shit up for the better, folks 👭 🏳️‍🌈 🥳 👭 ✨ 😘 🥰

Something I’ve been thinking about lately as it relates to my atheism, is how my views around kids being indoctrinated with religion have shifted through the years. Because there have been times when I’ve felt like kids should be taught by their teachers from a young age that no person believes in the same exact things as one another. Some grownups are Christians, other grownups are Muslim and other grownups are not religious at all. And yet still other grownups, myself among them, identify as staunch atheists. But nowadays, I don’t believe that it’s the responsibility of schools or colleges, to teach people anything religious in nature, as required learning. I’d be fine with schools and colleges having elective classes that are religiously-oriented…because that specific option would allow people the agency to choose exactly what they want to learn. Whereas, from before I’d even started elementary school, I can vividly remember being forced to pray and say the Pledge of Allegiance (both on a daily basis). This sort of bullshit didn’t stop until I’d gotten to the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI). But the saddest part of this whole situation, was that no one had ever told/taught me that I actually had the right not to pray, or to not stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. And back then, I had enough knowledge to have assessed the grownups around me correctly, to know that it wouldn’t be wise for me to ask questions about why we do these specific things. I just stayed quiet, hoping that somehow, someday, someone would validate these feelings of mine.

But that being said, when it comes to religion or spirituality of any kind, parents should teach their children that people believe different things. Parents should expose their children to the different ways people do religion…and to the different ways that people do atheism, for example. Children should have access to folks from all different walks of life anyway, who can help them as kids become well-rounded people. Kids need to have agency in their lives, and to feel like the empowered little beings that they are, regardless of their age. Because as I’ve said, no one does religion or atheism in the same exact ways. I know atheists who fucking love the holidays, holidays of any sort. They are all for that prison time…LOL…I mean, it is their right to choose to live that way. I’m an atheist who fucking hates holidays of any kind, and I likely always will. People ought to stop seeing me as a defective human that they need to fix, just because I cannot stand holiday celebrations of any kind. Because the way I live my life is my choice, period!! But what I’m ultimately saying, is that kids need to see that people don’t need religion in their lives, for them to be great people. Kids need to feel comfortable too say they are uncomfortable with hugging others, or uncomfortable with others touching them. Kids need to know that their boundaries will always be respected, no matter how old they are. These things are not options–they are examples of great parenting, which I never personally had, but which are correct nonetheless.

Something in the book COMING OUT ATHEIST that stands out to me, is the way in which its author Greta Christina talks about the differences in how folks live their lives if they’re religious…versus how folks live their lives as atheists/humanists ETC. But more to the point, if someone believes that there is no such thing as death, they’ll often take people for granted, be unsure how to regulate their emotions and even refuse to accept responsibility for the things that happen in their lives. Also, people who believe in this way, often scare themselves into believing that they have to wait until they’re married to have any sort of sexual contact with their own bodies and even other people’s bodies. But as an atheist, I never worry about those kinda things; because ultimately, I’m my own higher power. Every day, I become an even better version of myself than I was the previous day. And every day, I’m happiest because I trust in my ability to always do what’s best for me…as well as for the world at large. Nothing is pre-planned, I make decisions for myself, from simple things, to big things. And I’m more than just OK with things being this way; in fact, I prefer things this way, as it is my truth.

Someone I’ve known ever since I was in like, fourth or fifth grade recently texted me and asked what I’m reading lately. I replied to them, saying that I’ve been busying myself with other things. They then responded with “I know what you mean but I’m just trying to keep my mind off of this pandemic.” I then said “I hear you. But some of us can’t keep our minds off of the pandemic because it affects us in every way.” And I’ll add here that it’s frustrating AF that some people are so into their own worldview, that they are incapable of understanding anything outside of that. I mean hell, I kinda wish that I wouldn’t have to think about Covid 19 and all of the other things that are going on in the world…but only in terms of wishing we could rewind 2020 and go back to 2019 again.

And honestly, this brings a sort of similar rant into my mind: the fact that there are young folks in the world who claim that they don’t care about politics. Like, I literally cannot understand how that happens–politics is in nearly every part of the world. And not just that, but there’s no way to hide from that truth, in my opinion!! Music is political because singers/musicians express themselves through their music. Watching TV, Netflix or Hulu is political because folks express themselves through documentaries and such. Colleges and high schools are political because everyone cares about which student you vote for particular nominations and why you vote the way you do. And the thing is, I could go on and on and on, about how there’s no logical reason for people to not be involved in politics in some way, shape or form. But I won’t, as I think I’ve made myself clear in what I’ve said here already.

It’s ironic to me how people often say that nowadays, no one needs degrees to get hired somewhere. Yet here I, and many other folks in the world are, uneducated and unemployed. Times are seriously frustrating AF right now…especially because people not having any degrees is what makes it hard for them to even become employed in the first place!! But it also doesn’t help matters when people pressure others to attend college. These are all things that I’ve said on my blog before, but they can never be said too much. I have friends who could probably use this reminder, even if they never choose to stand up for themselves.

In episode two of the Unsolved Mysteries reboot, a story is told about a woman that unexpectedly goes missing. And throughout this episode of this documentary, policemen talk with nearly every person that’s closely associated with Patrice (the missing woman) hoping that they’ll find helpful clues along the way. And one of the very first people they speak with, is Patrice’s teenage son who goes by Pistol, though I can’t say for sure if I’ve heard his name right. So just to be safe, I’ll refer to him as P, from here on. So as the policemen are interviewing this young man named P, he (P) tells them that he’s always had a fantastic relationship with his mom Patrice. P also tells law enforcement though, that he doesn’t have a good relationship with Patrice’s husband Rob. And when P and Rob speak in this documentary, each of them says that the other guy can’t stand him; and each of them says that they have a great relationship with Patrice. But then, something just doesn’t add up with all of these things, as Patrice’s customers from the hair salon she owns, her close friends and her son and husband, all say that they couldn’t imagine Patrice just randomly taking off anywhere without first notifying someone close to her. But then as the documentary goes on, we the viewers hear P (Patrice’s son) say that a couple weeks before his mom’s disappearance, Patrice had asked her son if he could go anywhere, where would he choose to go. And P says that initially, he didn’t think much of Patrice having asked him that question. But P also doesn’t think that his mom would leave without first letting him know where she was going/how long she’d be gone.

And as this show continues, it turns out that one possible suspect in Patrice’s case is a man who’s a known criminal to the police force. This particular suspect tells law enforcement that he’s familiar with Patrice’s hair salon that she owns. But then there’s another possible suspect in this case who tells law enforcement that he’s responsible for brutally murdering and raping several women. In addition to that information, he tells police that he’d stopped by Patrice’s salon one day and told folks within the salon that he needed help jumping his car. From that point, he shows law enforcement that he’d essentially drawn a map showing where Patrice’s car had been parked at the salon, and then where he’d parked his own car in that same area. But then another disturbing discovery we learn about, is that Patrice’s loved ones and friends believe that Patrice’s husband Rob was involved in the ending of Patrice’s life. But lastly, nearly two years after Patrice had disappeared, her remains are found at a church that she’d attended. And at that point, one of the policemen on this case talked about how he feels he failed this family, for taking so long to locate Patrice’s remains. But I can totally understand why this case has gone as it has; there were so many twists and turns to it, including no one coming forward about what they might know that could solve this case once and for all.

The third episode of this show was about a family whose name I won’t even try to spell, as they were from France. In this family, there were four kids and these kids’ mom and dad. This family seemed to give the impression to everyone in their town that they (the family) was deeply religious and loved each other deeply. But as this story continues, we the viewers learn that this family’s eventual disappearance changes everything. But what’s interesting about this whole thing, is that when the bodies of the mom and her four children are found by law enforcement in their family home, enough time had gone by to allow the dad/husband to get away from their residence without a trace. This of course perplexed everyone in law enforcement who was on this case, but also, it perplexed people who’d known this family well…or who’d thought that they’d known this family well.

As this episode goes on though, we the viewers learn that the father in this family had seemed to be planning to kill his wife and children. This bit of news comes as we learn that this father/husband acquired a rifle that had previously been his father’s. And upon acquiring this possession, this father/husband then taught himself how to use this particular rifle. But the thing was, prior to him gaining this weapon, he’d never even used a weapon. But that being said, on one particular occasion when he was at a place that allowed folks to practice shooting guns, he asked someone who worked at this place about acquiring something that would mute noises of guns going off. And then a bit later, that’s when we the viewers can infer that he (this father/husband) was the one who’d killed his wife and kids…and then literally left the town they lived in, leaving no evidence behind, besides the bodies of his wife and kids. And that, of course, made it look like a crime hadn’t even been committed.

The next episode of this documentary was about a young man named Alonzo who’d unexpectedly disappeared. He’d actually been at a party with some of his close friends, the same night that he’d gone missing. But interestingly, Alonzo had driven to this party with one of his friends; and then a bit later, this same friend of Alonzo’s left the party for a bit, to find a place where he (the friend) could buy cigarettes for himself and Alonzo. And although this friend of Alonzo’s had designated someone else to take Alonzo home, in the event that he, Justin, didn’t come back to the party they were at, in a reasonable amount of time. But instead, what ended up happening, was that no one took Alonzo home, as far as anyone could tell. And so not surprisingly, Alonzo’s close friends and family members thought that something bad had happened to their loved one, Alonzo.

But the thing was, when Alonzo’s immediate family members had literally done all they could to convince law enforcement that Alonzo had likely been murdered, law enforcement fought these folks back, hard. In no uncertain terms, law enforcement told this heartbroken family that they needed to settle down and stop bothering people whose job it is to get to the bottom of stories like this one. But then there came a point when the policemen changed their tune with this family, saying that it would be fine if as a family/community of folks who’d wanted to see results of this mysterious story, they’d conduct a search on their own. I suspect that the police department gave this family the permission they’d wanted to have all along, because they (the policemen) didn’t actually think that the family would find anything worthwhile about Alonzo’s disappearance. And so, that’s exactly what these folks did: searched the exact area where the party had been had, the last night that Alonzo had been seen by anyone. But sadly, by that point, nearly a month had already gone by. But that being said, almost immediately after having started this search, someone who’d volunteered to help find Alonzo, let the crew know that this volunteer had found Alonzo’s body, in a shed/creek that was near where the search teams were, at that time. Sadly though, nothing further is known about who or why Alonzo was murdered. Although, it’s suspected by many people that Alonzo was a victim of a racially-charged crime. People suspect that this could be true because the town where the party was at, is a small town in the south which not only means that everyone knows each other but also, that people were racist.

The next Unsolved Mysteries story was just OK in my opinion. The story was about several people claiming to have seen an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) in whichever town or state that they lived in. And many of these people also claimed that they knew others would find their claim about a UFO appearing, impossible to believe…yet they all seemed to hold out hope that in watching this particular documentary, folks would see their side of this controversial issue. But it’s my personal belief that people are quick to attach meaning to things that they can’t understand; so when these people saw an object that they couldn’t identify, instead of just letting that be OK, they attached possibilities to it…because they’d love it if literally everything in the world were explained in ways that everyone could understand. But no one likes to sit with that extreme discomfort, for any amount of time. But the thing is, if folks who thought this way took some deep breaths, they might realize that patience will give us information we’re seeking. Why? Because science ALWAYS gives us answers. It may take a long ass time for science to give us answers…but it will absolutely do so nonetheless.

The last Unsolved Mysteries story was about a family of 6 girls who were raised by their mom; that being said though, their mom seemed to be quite a toxic person. What I mean by that, is that their mom would move from relationship to relationship, as far as her dating and marrying men was concerned. But then whenever she (the mom) would determine that she was ready to move onto the next man, she’d do so without hesitation. But throughout the show, two of this woman’s daughters talked openly about how tense their home environment often was, given how frequently they (the kids) would have to lie because their mom would tell them to do so. And then as the show goes on, we the viewers see one of this lady’s children confide in someone that she (the daughter) knows that her mom committed a murder. But then, this mom finds out about one of her daughters having confided that secret to someone…and this daughter then mysteriously turns up missing. And the way this episode is structured, it’s obvious to me at least, that this daughter was likely killed by her mom because of what she (the daughter) knew the horribleness that her mom had done.

Over all, my thoughts on this Unsolved Mysteries reboot, are that it was very well done. I love how the creators of this Netflix documentary used the same music as the actual Unsolved Mysteries TV show used. I also love how the Unsolved Mysteries reboot didn’t have someone hosting the show–I would’ve been upset if they’d found someone to replace Robert Stack, the Unsolved Mysteries TV show’s host. Because as I’ve said before, Robert Stack is irreplaceable!! The creators of the Unsolved Mysteries reboot also stuck as closely as they could to the TV show of the same name, in terms of the way the show was mapped out. Like, the Unsolved Mysteries reboot stuck with the documentary style format. But all this being said, I’m quite nervous about whether the world as a whole will love this show as much as I have, though. But I hope it does, as I want to continue seeing more episodes of it!!