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Thoughts on the Netflix show Ozark, more assorted podcast thoughts and other randomnesses

In an episode of the This American Life podcast, the guests on the show talked about how here in the United States, Corona Virus has literally taken over our world. There were several stories told about people who work in the healthcare field who are having a rough time because they can’t even touch the …

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Assorted Multiamory podcast thoughts

In a recent episode of the Multiamory podcast, the hosts talked to people in the polyamorous community about the different types of relationship styles that people find work for them, besides traditional monogamy. Listening to this particular episode of the show made me smile because I fully support alternative relationships; and even though I don’t …

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30 Things I can’t stand, that most people like/love

I recently participated in this FB game where people listed things that they can’t stand, that other folks actually really like. I’ve amended my initial list and added more to it. But first, I want to let folks know that these are in the order in which I thought of them; other than that, they …

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Another review of an album I love

My over all thoughts on JoJo’s album called “Mad Love:” I feel like it’s fitting to put my over all thoughts of this album first because it’s important to reflect on the drama and trauma that JoJo has been through in this past decade. So mainly, when JoJo was a child, she’d signed a contract …

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Some multi-Media thoughts and more social isolation

I recently read a book called The Atheist’s Way; the author of this book is named Eric Maisel. And TBH, reading this book came at the perfect time, meaning that given the turmoil that the entire world is in right now, reading a book about making one’s own meaning in life was literally just what …

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My music review of an iconic album

So, given the crazy times that the world is in right now, I’ve been wanting to make sure that I keep up writing in my blog. I want to do this for my own over all health, as well as for others who enjoy reading what I have to say. I’ll also do my best …

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Numerous podcast thoughts, and numerous other reflections

Since I love to read and since I have tons of books downloaded onto the Voice Dream Reader app, I’m going to attempt to do more pleasure reading in the coming days than I’ve done lately. All of the books I’ve downloaded onto the Voice Dream Reader app are from Bookshare. And quite frankly, Bookshare …

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Numerous podcast thoughts, a thoughtful review of Timecrest and mixed life/school updates

In an episode of the This American Life podcast, its host Ira Glass talked about how our world has changed drastically within the past few weeks. The very first story that he tells us listeners, was a bit of small-talk with a medical professional regarding the Corona Virus. This medical professional that Ira was talking …

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Assorted thoughts on being childfree, living with disabilities, dating and school changes

Most of the day yesterday commpletely dragged on for me because I kept seeing Corona Virus news updates on assorted forms of social media. But that being said, in a way, it was great that I kept up with those updates because doing so gave me a clear idea of what the verdict would be …

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Unexpected chaos on many fronts, assorted podcast thoughts and other fun stuff

This past Wednesday, one of my local friends was kind enough to take me to school. The reason I needed this person’s help was because I’d gotten home too late from the previous day’s doctor appointment and was therefore unable to schedule a ride to and from school Wednesday. But that being said, this friend …

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