Tag: Cognitive Dissonance

Assorted accessibility frustrations, podcast thoughts and interesting news

I wrote the following thread on Twitter which reads:I just know that there are multiple someones out there who need to hear this: just cuz 45 is disregarding the CDC’s guidelines, that doesn’t mean that we’re out of the woods yet!! All it means is that hospitals have more room for folks now than they’ve …

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Unexpected chaos on many fronts, assorted podcast thoughts and other fun stuff

This past Wednesday, one of my local friends was kind enough to take me to school. The reason I needed this person’s help was because I’d gotten home too late from the previous day’s doctor appointment and was therefore unable to schedule a ride to and from school Wednesday. But that being said, this friend …

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Music/podcast thoughts, more thoughts on being childfree, living with disabilities and other updates and reflections

I recently submitted a feedback report to Apple because within the last week, when I’ve tried to view all episodes of the This American Life podcast using my phone, I’m only able to view a few episodes. This is incredibly frustrating to me because I’m almost certain that there are lots more episodes of said …

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