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Going back to school, podcast thoughts, more thoughts on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, living as a childfree person and some minor ranting

Something in my second time continuing to watch season two of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that stands out to me, is that whatever happens at Baxter High (the high school that Sabrina and her human friends attend) closely mirrors what happens at The Academy of Unseen Arts. And so for example, when Baxter High students …

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More Thoughts On Books, Podcasts And My Life

The past few times I’ve gone to the main clinic I get my medical care at, something I’ve noticed that’s changed at said facility, is the fact that they put arm bracelets on us patients once we’re checked in for our appointments. They are very flimsy arm bracelets but I’ve been forgetting to write about …

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School Stuff, Hidden Brain And A Controversial Rant

Within the last week or two I’ve been reading about a lot of hype regarding pictures that Taylor Swift has been posting on social media about something that’s happening in her life on April 26th. Some of her fans think that she’s going to release new music on that day while other fans of hers …

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