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Honesty is not always easy/assorted other topics

In two of my recent blog posts, I wrote about assorted music albums that have stood out to me in some way, shape or form. And I didn’t feel that it would fit in either of those blog posts for me to actually explain my process for writing those music reviews. So I’ll do so …

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A random yet pleasant dream, more podcast thoughts, book reflections and life

I want to talk about some specific things in the Netflix show called The Society that stood out to me. One thing I felt very strongly about, was about the character named Campbell. When we the viewers first see Campbell interact with a character named Elle, I could tell that something was really off about …

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TV show thoughts, getting to know me, podcast thoughts and more

After posting my last blog entry, I realized that I forgot to mention something that describes the game called Henry. What I’d forgotten to say about this game, was that in the bottom center of Henry’s platform, there’s a weirdly-shaped button that players can press to shuffle the 16-panel square buttons. There is also another …

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